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The current price paid for food production is not enough to support farming or sustainable fishing families, or those who work for them. While the costs for participating in both livelihoods go up, the amount both small-scale farmers and fishermen make continues to decrease. Carving out a living is becoming more and more difficult. Not … Continued


Update on Fishing

September 6, 2013

Otto is back up on the water, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a great week for fishing. He is waiting for announcements for next week and is madly hoping to catch something to bring down for a final fresh fish pick-up before the “Meet your Fisherman” BBQ on Sunday September 15th


Supporting small-scale fishermen

September 6, 2013

Thank-you members! Your support this season made it possible for us to provide small-scale fishermen with a fair price for their catch. Our full-time fishermen made approximately $32,000 this summer. If they had been selling those same fish at the prices set by big businesses, they would have only made $24,000. That’s an $8,000 difference! … Continued


Fukushima – should we be worried?

August 29, 2013

How worried should we be about the Fukushima radiation that is still leaking uncontrollably? There are still a lot of unknowns, but things look good for Pacific Salmon. Unfortunately, things are not looking so hot for tuna, and seafood imported from Japan is not a good idea. However, experts say that the radiation from eating … Continued


Adventures in Smoking

August 20, 2013

One of our members, Dave, shared some great photos with us of his most recent smoker adventure. Thanks Dave! Whole Fish Fillets Marinating Chillin’ You want pellicles (shiny, sticky layer) to form on the surface. Cool using a fan to speed up the process     Top view Wood Chips All done, yum!  


Interesting article on why ecolabels aren’t enough when it comes to buying seafood. As the fishing industry consolidates, our local fishermen are struggling to make a living.  I want to support local fishermen because they are the best stewards of the oceans they fish in. They want healthy fish populations and healthy oceans because they … Continued


Sea life relocating fast in response to climate change

August 19, 2013

Interesting CBC article on the effects of climate change on sea-life. Marine life is moving towards the poles at a much faster rate than terrestrial species and this could lead to mixing of species that has never occurred before. It appears that Pacific Salmon will be negatively affected by these changes


Another great article on this year’s salmon run

August 14, 2013

Check out the Vancouver Sun’s article “Bounty of the Sea: Sockeye’s rare but there are plenty of other salmon”  “When there’s not a lot of sockeye, then chefs and the public will start eating other fish and it becomes an education,” said Steve Johansen of Organic Ocean Included in the article is a great set of … Continued


Record high returns of pink, coho, and chinook salmon on the BC coast

August 13, 2013

Pink salmon returns are an all-time high this year, and coho and chinook are returning in high numbers too. The total biomass of salmon returning is higher than it’s been in years, despite the very low sockeye returns which are the lowest they’ve been in more than half a century. There has been an outright … Continued


Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery – Volunteer Opportunity

August 9, 2013

Skipper Otto’s CSF strengthens local food systems by connecting thoughtful citizens to small-scale fishermen and wild, fresh, high-quality sustainable seafood. Overview: The successful candidate will assist with engaging local community through social media and help out at fresh fish pick-ups, farmer’s markets, workshops, and community events. If interested, there may be opportunities to join our … Continued


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