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A fishing veteran, not missing a single salmon fishing season between 1969 and 2016! Otto retired for the second time when he sold his boat in 2018 (it might stick this time!)

miniboatOmega V minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationNorthern & Mid Coast

Shaun is our lead fisherman and fishing industry expert with an MA in the history and political economy of the BC fishing industry and a lifetime fishing the BC coast.

miniboatBMW minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationWest Coast of Vancouver Island & Mid-Coast

We first met Delia back in the June of 2015 when she emailed us looking for a way to connect her lovingly-grown oysters and clams to local consumers. She had heard about our CSF and was very eager that our innovative model of connecting fishermen directly to consumers might provide an alternative to selling her shellfish overseas, as is the case with the vast majority of our locally grown shellfish. We were intrigued at the possibility of being able to offer ethical, local shellfish directly to our members and at being able to help the shellfish growers of Cortes Island continue their traditional, small-scale way of life!

miniboat minifishOysters minihookBeach-grown! minilocationCortes Island, BC

Mike, a fourth generation fisherman, fishes with his partner, Sharon, for salmon along the west coast of Vancouver Island. Mike has fished his own boat since he was 14 years old. He and Sharon met when they were young and have been fishing together for decades.

miniboatT-Bone minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationWest coast of Vancouver Island, BC

Joel & Melissa fish aboard their 42′ boat, Lisa Jess, using a butterfly trawl net in Johnstone Strait, BC. A 4th generation fisherman, Joel grew up fishing and took over his parents fishing operations in 2014.

miniboatLisa Jess minifishScallops, spot prawns, octopus & salmon minihookButterfly trawl, trapping, & trolling minilocationVancouver Island and Haida Gwaii

Rick, a fourth generation fisherman fishes up and down the BC coast. He has been fishing for as long as he can remember.

miniboatRed Bone minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationMost areas of BC Coast

Gear Methods

Gear Methods

How do gear methods work?

How was this fish caught? This is an important question you should be asking anytime you eat seafood. Some gear methods can have damaging effects on delicate marine ecosystems and animal populations while others are designed to do the least damage to habitats and to minimize by-catch. Check out our quick explanation of some of the most common fishing methods you may hear about.

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Gordie, a third generation fisherman, fishes salmon runs all along the BC coast. He has been fishing since he was a kid and remembers starting off as a deckhand for his older sister.

miniboatSure Thing minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationCentral and south coast of BC

Randy Kitagawa fishes out of the Sunshine Coast with his sons, Cory and Jeff, and his wife Shannon's son, Matt aboard the 30' boat, Norwestern. Randy's family has deep roots in the fishing community of Steveston, BC – his grandfather used to work at the Gulf of Georgia cannery that is now a museum!

miniboatNorwestern minifishDungeness crab & spot prawns minihookTrapping minilocationSunshine Coast

Doug is a multi-generation ‘Namgis First Nation fisherman. Doug fished with his grandpa in the 1960’s and has fished ever since. His children join him as crew on some trips.

miniboatPaper Chase minifishHalibut & salmon minihookBottom longlining minilocationNorthwest Coast of Vancouver Island

Truong was one of the boat people who fled Vietnam in 1975, and he ended up in Campbell River, BC. He took up fishing when he arrived, and has now been prawning for over 30 years. His sons and daughter have prawned alongside him over the last decade.

miniboatWestern Sun minifishSpot prawns minihookTrapping minilocationCentral coast of BC

Danny, a second generation fisherman, often fishes in coordination with his son, Dean.

miniboatAbout Time I minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationNorth & Central Coast of BC

Dean, a third generation fisherman, fishes salmon runs all along the BC coast. He has been fishing since he was a kid and still fishes alongside his father, Danny and his gillnetter.

miniboatOld Style minifishSalmon minihookGillnetting minilocationMost areas of BC Coast

Joel and Melissa Collier

Fishing Family Perspective: Why Skipper Otto Works for Us

Learn all about Joel and Melissa Collier's experience fishing for Skipper Otto last year.

miniboatLisa Jess minifishScallops, Spot Prawns, Octopus and Salmon minihookButterfly Trawl, Trapping, & Trolling minilocationVancouver Island and Haida Gwaii
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Joel and Melissa Collier

Bruce has been fishing for over 30 years. His wife, Pilar, and his young son, Rex, join him on some of their trips. Bruce and his brother Steve grew up in a lighthouse on the BC coast and are the first fishermen in their family.

miniboatTantrum No. 1 minifishTuna & lingcod minihookTrolling minilocationOff the coasts of Vancouver Island, BC & Oregon/Washington

Ben, a second generation fisherman, traps spot prawns, humpback shrimp and octopus in various locations around BC. Ben has been fishing since he was 10 years old and has been running boats for 20 years now. He grew up in Sooke, BC and still calls it home.

miniboatCold Fish minifishOctopus & shrimp minihookTrapping minilocationCentral Coast & south of Vancouver Island

Dafne’s approach to kelp harvesting is well-researched and thoughtful. She harvests her product by hand and chooses to collect less than 10% of kelp beds in order to leave a healthy and sustainable marine canopy. After harvest, the product is gently dried to maintain the most nutrients.

miniboat minifishKelp minihookHarvested on shore minilocationHaida Gwaii

Richie is a first generation fisher. Having worked on boats as mechanic in his early life, he decided to take the plunge and pursue fishing as a career. That was 40 years ago -- he's been fishing ever since!

miniboatSurf Isle minifishHalibut & sablefish minihookBottom longline minilocationNorth of Haida Gwaii

Paul is the founder of Salt Spring Island Mussels. Paul grew his mussel farm from just a tiny operation to now supplying restaurants across Canada, all while staying true to the values of community, environmental conservation, and living wages that we hold so dear. He credits his amazing and talented team for all this success and is very forthcoming about all the trials and tribulations of getting to where they are now.

miniboat minifishMussels minihookGrown and harvested minilocationSalt Spring Island & Desolation Sound, BC

Darryl Siusangnark is a professional harvester who makes his living off the land around Naujaat in Nunavut, and is a key provider of fish for his community, supplying food for elders, food-insecure households, family, friends, community feasts, and commercial sales. He started fishing with his father in early childhood and has been fishing on his own since he was 18. The way he fishes is a bit different from our other fishermen. Along with other Inuit fishers in his community, Darryl braves frigid weather conditions and travels across the wintry tundra by snowmobile to catch fish from below the ice of frozen lakes using an auger and gillnets.

miniboatSnowmobile minifishArctic char minihookGillnet and auger minilocationLake Itirjuk, Nunavut

Instead of using a boat like our other fishing families, Darryl brings in his catch via snowmobile. Learn about Darryl's Arctic catch in our blog!

miniboatSnowmobile minifishArctic char minihookGillnet and auger minilocationLake Itirjuk, Nunavut

Based out of Comox, Ray fishes the BC coast alongside his son, Lee Roy. Leaving in early spring, the father-son fishing team trolls their way up the coast, fishing for lingcod, salmon, and other bountiful species, gutting and flash-freezing as they go. They fish off Haida Gwaii and out of Prince Rupert for much of the summer, providing their premium, troll caught fish directly to our CSF members.

miniboatTartu minifishLingcod & salmon minihookTrolling minilocationWest Coast of Vancouver Island, North & Central Coast of BC

Francis is the first in his family to fish, and has kept at it for over 10 years now. He fishes aboard his 43' troller on the north coast of Vancouver Island.

miniboatTa-Nika minifishSalmon minihookTrolling minilocationNorth coast of Haida Gwaii

Matt has been prawning and crabbing for the last 3 years in the family business led by his stepdad, Randy Kitagawa. This is his first season captaining the Robson Byte!

miniboatRobson Byte minifishSpot prawns, octopus & Dungeness crab minihookTrapping minilocationSunshine Coast

Cary is a 4th generation fisherman on both sides of his family. His brother and cousins all currently work alongside him on the boat depending on the season. He is based out of Sointula, BC which is where his family has lived and worked for generations. Cary started fishing with his dad when he was 11 but had been on trips since he was small.

miniboatIsland Sun minifishHake & rockfish minihookMid-water trawling minilocationOff the west coast of Vancouver Island

Read more about our fishing families' stories over on our blog.

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