We have a lending library!

Sonia - February 27, 2014

Thanks in part to a UBC Community Grant, we have been able to build an equipment lending library of pressure canners and smokers that our Vancouver members can borrow FOR FREE!

We are really excited about helping our members to process and preserve their own seafood at home. Taking whole fish and processing it yourself means you get the freshest product at the best price, directly from your fishermen.

myTurn has provided us with an awesome equipment library management system that allows you to reserve the items you want in advance.

To borrow an item, go to: https://skipperotto.myturn.com/library/

Click on the “create account” button at the top left hand corner. You’ll be taken to assign-up page. Fill in the details and send an email to [email protected] letting us know you’ve signed-up.

We’ll finalize your membership, and you can then login and book the equipment you’d like to use. Click the “browse inventory” button in the green panel to see what’s available, and click the “reserve” button below the item you’d like. Then choose the dates you’d like to borrow it for and finalize the order.

During winter, the borrow period will be a week and the pick-up and drop-off will happen at our Saturday’s Farmer’s Market at Nat Bailey Stadium.

Once the fishing season is under way, the borrow period will shorten to 3-4 days, and pick-ups and drop-offs will happen at our summer farmer’s markets/Fishermen’s wharf pick-ups.

Happy canning/smoking!

Sonia - February 27, 2014

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We have a lending library!

Sonia - February 27, 2014

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