Skipper Otto is a community of independent fishing families.


Sustainably caught seafood straight from the source.

At Skipper Otto, we’re revolutionizing the way you experience seafood. We connect you directly with independent Canadian fishers ensuring you receive the highest quality catch straight from the Pacific Ocean to your table.

Join us in supporting local communities and enjoying seafood that’s not only delicious but also responsibly sourced.

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Choose a date and pick-up location. We'll ship your wild and sustainably-caught seafood to one of our 100 convenient pick-up locations across Canada.

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Our Products

Our flexible system lets you pick and choose from the year's catch, while knowing who caught your seafood, and when, where, and how it was caught. Our transparency means we prioritize taste and quality in ways that no one else can. Choose from wild salmon, halibut, spot prawns, tuna and much more!


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"Phenomenal! Amazing quality and truly outstanding customer support! Couple this with livable wages and there is just no other choice. If you haven't tried them, do so!"

Industry Partners

Don't just take our word for it - we partner with and are certified by top social and environmental organizations. Skipper Otto is a proud Ocean Wise Partner, and is a certified Living Wage Employer. We are also a certified BCorp™, with the highest ranking of any seafood company in North America.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ordering work?

Become a member. Sign up is easy!! Just click here:

Once you’ve become a member, you’ll receive regular email newsletters letting you know what is available and when it can be picked up at one of our many community partners in your area. Simply click on the link provided in the email to our online store where you can choose where you’d like to pick up your seafood and what time works best for you. Next, choose the seafood you’d like, add it to your cart and checkout.  That’s it! And unlike a subscription box program, you only place an order when you want something and you only order what you want – so simple!

Where and when can I pick up my fish?

Our Community Partner pick-up locations are values-aligned businesses who volunteer to distribute orders across Canada. Once you place an order and select your chosen pick-up location, you will receive confirmation when your order is ready for pick up. Head on in and pick up your seafood during the store’s regular business hours, in most cases, over the course of several days.

Why do I have to pre-pay?

Our Community Supported Fishery creates a unique relationship between home cooks and fishing families. When you purchase your share up front, you are telling us how much fish you’d like us to catch for you this year. We are not a traditional retailer and so we don’t catch and store a lot of extra inventory. Instead, we use your upfront dollars to plan for the fishing season and cover up front costs. This simple act of pre-payment is what enables us to create certainty and has a huge impact on the planning and livelihoods of our fishing families. We’re so grateful that our members are willing to plan ahead with us in this way – it makes all the difference!

What are your product prices?

Even though we pay our fishing families better than others on the coast, our members pay prices that are usually comparable to what they would pay at a local fish market for a similarly premium product because our supply chain is so short! Our members have access to our current product prices when they login to the online store but anyone can get a sense of our pricing by viewing last season’s price ranges on our Products page.

When does the season start?

The bulk of the fishing season gets going in May and lasts until roughly October, but you can collect frozen, smoked, and canned products from your share throughout the year. Because the vast majority of our seafood is flash-frozen, members can enjoy its catch-day freshness all year round!

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