Have a seafood lover on your list? Skipper Otto is the perfect gift! Not only will your loved one get access to the most delicious wild west coast seafood available, you’ll also help support independent Canadian fishing families and help us plan for the season ahead (talk about the gift that keeps on giving!)

You can give a fully paid Skipper Otto membership for the year or top-up a current member’s account towards the 2023 season.

Gifting a Membership?

This is the perfect gift for friends and family who love seafood but haven’t joined Skipper Otto yet, or are a returning member. Memberships start at a $200 share, plus the annual membership fee.

Topping Up a Current Member?

Want to give a Skipper Otto member a little extra seafood next year? You can top up any existing member’s share size in increments of $50, up to whatever value you would like for the upcoming 2023 season!