From Seafood Favourites to Lesser-Known Delicacies

Eating with the Ecosystem

Our wild, west coast fisheries offer up amazing seafood year after year, but because we focus on eating with the ecosystem, we can’t provide details on exact pricing in advance. We’ll let you know what is abundant and sustainable each year and give you the opportunity to enjoy your favourites and to try out some lesser-known local delicacies.

Eating with the ecosystem

Our wild, west coast fisheries offer up amazing seafood year after year. We’ll let you know what is abundant and sustainable each season and give you opportunities not only to enjoy your old favourites but also to try out some lesser-known delicacies. And while we don't guarantee any specific species, we can guarantee you’ll have a wide selection of products to choose from!

Our Products

Our flexible system lets you pick and choose from the year's catch, while knowing who caught your seafood, and when, where, and how it was caught. Our transparency means we prioritize taste and quality in ways that no one else can.


Our wild, flash-frozen, sushi-grade salmon will be the star of any meal. We catch all five Pacific species: sockeye, chinook, coho, chum, and pink salmon (when available). From fillets to cold-smoked lox, and candied nuggets to canned, you will find lots of different ways to make our salmon part of your meals.

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White fish

Halibut, sablefish, lingcod, and rockfish are staples in our offerings. These mild fillets are versatile in both simple baked recipes or in out-of-this world fish and chips, tacos and chowders.

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Our frozen-at-sea albacore tuna loins are sushi-grade, and delicious raw or lightly seared. Our regular and smoked canned tuna also makes an amazing sandwich or salad addition, and our cold-smoked tuna lox is a special treat.

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Our wild, frozen-at-sea spot prawns taste as fresh as the day they were caught! A perfect appetizer addition for a special meal, or served with a simple garlic butter sauce, they will melt in your mouth!

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Arctic Char

Our beautiful, wild arctic char is a special treat from the northern lakes of Nunavut. These fish are caught during the winter on frozen arctic lakes by Inuit fishers without using any boats! Drilling holes into the ice, they extend a gillnet by hand and pull out these salmon sized fish. Each lake has subtly different flavour profiles and our fillets are the perfect way to try this treat that has the taste characteristics of both salmon and trout.

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Wild, frozen-at-sea, pink and spiny scallops in the shell are one of our lesser known delicacies that members rave about. For our Vancouver members we offer live mussels every week at Fishermen's Wharf for most of the year, along with occasional fresh beach oysters and live Dungeness crab pick-ups.

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How Do We Choose the Seafood We Offer?

How we select what makes it into our store is one of the main things that sets us apart from other seafood companies. True sustainability is multi-faceted, so there are a lot of factors that go into our decisions.

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