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Area 8 Chum Opening

July 19, 2013


Fisheries announced an opening in Area 8 for chum on Monday with a possible extension for Tuesday. Otto is on his way south and will fish this opening and then run to Port Hardy where Shaun will meet him to help process and transport fish home.  Vancouver members can expect a fresh sustainable fish pick-up … Continued


Video of Rumi’s fillet demo

July 18, 2013

Here’s a link to a video of Rumi, master fish cutter, filleting a salmon. Thanks Kristie for sharing 🙂


The fisherman’s guessing game

July 17, 2013

It is based on daily announcements from the Department of Fisheries that our fishermen decide where to travel and where to fish.  The Nass river fishery is now closed for two weeks and likely for the rest of the season.  The Skeena River will not open for at least two weeks.  And so our fishermen … Continued


Henneguya salminicola (aka Tapioca)

July 15, 2013

Henneguya, also know as “tapioca” or “milk flesh” disease, is a protozoan parasite sometimes found in the muscle of Pacific Salmon. There is no human health or fish mortality concerns associated with Henneguya, but the white cysts are visually unappealing. The parasite gets spread in the spawning grounds by post-spawning Salmon who have the parasite. … Continued


How do we know it’s sustainable?

July 13, 2013

Fisheries management is a very complex thing!  But the life cycle of a salmon makes managing fisheries somewhat more sustainable than some other species of seafood.  Because 75% of salmon return to the place of their birth every 4 years to spawn (25% return on the 5th year), we can actually count the number of … Continued


Otto and Fernando just hailed in with 155 sockeye and 791 pinks! This unexpected load of beautiful Nass river fish will be on its way for a fresh pick-up in Vancouver early next week.  If you were hoping to get FRESH, sustainable sockeye salmon this year, this COULD be your last chance, so keep your … Continued


Run Predictions

July 11, 2013

Thankfully Otto, Leonard, and Daniel were successful up North catching Nass Sockeye because it appears the other Sockeye runs will be limited this year. The Department of Oceans and Fisheries is predicting that the commercial Sockeye fishery for Prince Rupert will not open. Sockeye have four-year cycles,  and in 2009 only one tenth of the … Continued


More Nass fishing

July 10, 2013

Otto hailed in this morning to report that our crew brought in 150 sockeye, 2 coho, and 600 pinks yesterday.  Fisheries is not allowing chum retention this week, but not to worry – there will be plenty more chum later this year.  These fish are headed straight to cold storage to ensure that our out-of-town … Continued


Where are the fish heads?!?

July 9, 2013

A lot of our members have been asking where the fish heads are this year. We wish we could have the heads on too – the uncertain nature of being a small-scale fisherman in a field dominated by big business is making it difficult for us to arrange this and we appreciate your patience and … Continued


Fillet videos?

July 9, 2013

Did you happen to get a good video of Rumi demo-ing filleting at the last pick up?  if so, would you consider sharing it with your fellow members? Send your video to [email protected] and she will upload it right away. Thanks!


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