Thawing Shrimp with Roe


Our oceanwise sidestripe shrimp caught by Scott Lincez throughout the Salish Sea, BC.

Our shrimp and prawns are packed in sea water immediately after being caught and flash-frozen, preserving that same-day catch freshness! To thaw them, simply dump the block of ice and shrimp or prawns into a colander in your sink and run under cold water until the ice block breaks apart. Your shrimp are then sushi-grade and ready to eat raw, marinated, or lightly cooked in any way you like! If you can’t eat them the same day they are thawed, we recommend you either marinade or cook them right away and then store in an air tight container in the fridge to preserve optimal quality. Keep in mind that they are only considered sushi grade when eaten immediately after thawing.


A sidestripe shrimp laden with ripe roe.

In winter, your flash-frozen shrimp may have roe along their bellies. These eggs are considered a delicacy in many cuisines and perfectly safe and delicious to eat. You can eat them raw or cook them along with the shrimp or you can also simply discard them when you peel the shrimp if you prefer. When the shrimp are ready to spawn, their roe are very ripe and highly perishable — more perishable than the shrimp themselves. If you thaw packs of roe-laden shrimp in your fridge, the roe may begin to discolour the salt water that they are packed in leaving the water somewhat tea coloured. The roe then have the potential to spoil the pack of shrimp if they are left to sit in their water. Shrimp in the industrial supply chain are treated with chemicals to preserve the roe and insure this discolouration doesn’t happen. Natural, chemical-free products like our shrimp need to be handled with just a little more care, but I’m sure you’ll agree, they are well worth it!


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