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Wanna know what we're cooking up at home this month? Come by the wharf tonight from 4:30-7pm to stock up on seafood for the rest of the year, like I just did!

Sometimes I hear from members who say they just don't know what to pick up, and I get it! I'm a busy mom of two young boys and working for myself, so I need to be strategic about meal planning to make sure we end up eating healthy, at home, and saving money by not resorting to eating out or ordering pizza too often!

Here's what I picked up today to get us through the holidays to the New Year:

- 6 pieces of lingcod. I'll probably make some version of fish fingers or fish burgers around once a week throughout the rest of the year.

- 4 coho fillets. We'll have salmon once a week. If I'm really pressed for time, I'll just bake the fillet like in this recipe. But if I have more time, I'll do something more ambitious!

- 4 packs sidestripe shrimp. We'll have shrimp about once a week, too. Shaun makes an amazing shrimp fried rice. We also love shrimp in a cheesy pasta bake.

- 4 tuna loins. We love a simple seared tuna recipe, and raw slices of tuna, rice balls, and seaweed also make a super easy sushi lunch to go. I might use these for lunches or I might use them for dinners.

- 1 case smoked canned tuna. This is Lyndon's favourite (he's our 6 year old). He calls it "smoked and sweet tuna" and we often use it for sandwiches or on salads for lunches. But also, these are my go-to holiday gift. If I suddenly realize we need a quick gift for the kids' Tae Kwon Do instructor or something, I've always got cans on hand as lovely, unique gifts!

This way, I know we've got at least 3 quick and easy dinners/ week in the freezer AND I know we're all getting the nutritional benefits of a seafood-rich diet. If I forget to thaw the seafood in the fridge the night before, all of these items can be thawed in cold water while I prep the other ingredients for dinner.

What's in your cart? How will you make sure you eat enough seafood through the rest of the year? Share your tips and suggestions with us here!

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