Simple Seafood Supper Recipes: Salmon Shoyu Poke

Seafood-based suppers are some of of the simplest, most nutritious meals you can make! But many people don’t eat as much fish as they should because they aren’t sure how to prepare it. If you’re looking for easy recipes to help you include more seafood in your diet in simple, healthy ways, look no further!  We’re excited to share with you a brand-new recipe video series we’re calling Simple Seafood Suppers.

You probably hear a lot about poke right now. This traditional Hawaiian dish has become very popular for good reason — it is incredibly delicious, very easy to make, and very healthy. Our tasty Salmon Shoyu Poke is faster than take-out, more nutritious, fair trade, 100% traceable, and a great way to serve our sushi-grade sockeye salmon.

Keep in mind that poke contains raw fish so be sure you always use sushi-grade fish for any poke recipe. And, of course, all our flash-frozen salmon and tuna fillets are sushi grade!




Give it a try and send us your feedback and photos of your experience making our Salmon Shohu Poke! And stay tuned for more recipe videos in this series coming soon.

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