Gone Fishing!

The fishing season has started, which means membership for the 2023 season is now closed!

While we are out fishing, please join our Interested List below to stay updated over the summer months.

We’ll send you a FREE West Coast Seafood Guide (which includes a comprehensive breakdown on the Canadian seafood we offer and some fun facts), and a few other emails with stories from our fishing families, some delicious recipes to try, and tips and tricks on the best ways to prepare a variety of seafood.

You will also be the first to know when our sign up season opens again in late September.

What is Skipper Otto?

Skipper Otto is a Community Supported Fishery that connects home cooks with top quality seafood and sushi-grade options, sustainably caught by over 40 Canadian fishing families. The best part, our seafood is 100% traceable, so you’ll know who caught it, and when, where and how it was caught! With easily scheduled pick-ups at over 95 community partner locations across Canada, it couldn’t be easier to enjoy delicious local seafood with us.

Why is Membership Sign Up Closed?

Our business model is a little different than you might be used to. We ask our members to make a financial commitment before the fishing season starts so we can pay our fishers a fair, upfront price for their catch (which is shockingly rare in the industry!).

This year, membership signup closed on May 31st. Don’t worry if you missed the boat – sign up for the 2024 season will be open in mid-September.

Get our Free West Coast Seafood Guide when you join our Interested List!

You’ll get a comprehensive breakdown on the Canadian seafood we offer, including fun facts, the best ways to prepare, and delicious recipes to try.

Skipper Otto West Coast Seafood Guide