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With news on record returns for sockeye, followed by conflicting stories about dwindling sockeye runs, it’s no surprise if folks aren’t sure what to think about this season’s salmon runs in BC! That’s why we’ve laid it out for you in our 2022 Pacific salmon update. Read more to learn how the season’s going (so … Continued


Soy Glazed Sablefish

August 18, 2022

Sablefish is a really fun species to cook with. The high oil content makes it very hard to overcook, even when exposed to high cooking temperatures like broiling or grilling. The velvety white flesh pairs extremely well with this soy glaze that is salty, savoury, and sweet. As Tianna our Member Services Manager said, “this … Continued


Active Listening in Action

August 15, 2022

A while ago, I shared with you some of my reflections after a month of active listening on the topic of Indigenous/ non-Indigenous fishing relations. Little did I know, that work would shape the year ahead in profound ways, helping us articulate the purpose and vision of Skipper Otto, and guiding our everyday decision-making. And … Continued


Ordering Your Fresh Mussels

July 28, 2022

We offer fresh mussels to our members in Metro Vancouver every two weeks. These mussels are for pre-order and sold by the pound, which we suggest as one serving size if mussels are your main course (though real mussel lovers might be able to take on 1.5-2lbs by themselves!) Read more about your mussel grower, … Continued


Eldorado is Back!

June 6, 2022

Guess what? This old salmon gillnetter, Eldorado, is back in the family! Why so excited, you might ask? I mean, let’s be clear: to say she’s rustic is an understatement. She’s definitely no pleasure boat. There are a couple of bunks, a sink, a little fridge and a stove. If you want to shower, you’ll … Continued


Our latest batch of Arctic char was a special one, hailing all the way from Kannak Lake and Tubliniq Lake in Nunavut. You see, the char in these lakes can only be fished by harvesters holding a special experimental license. Very little data exists on the char populations in these two lakes, but Project Nunavut (the non-profit we work with to get our … Continued

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Is There Such a Thing as Sustainable Seafood?

April 29, 2022

Especially since the release of the film “Seaspiracy,” we’ve been seeing a lot more public awareness about the environmental impacts of fishing, and questions about the possibility of sustainable seafood. It’s certainly never been a secret that the global industrial seafood system is harming the marine ecosystem. Margins are thin, prices are unpredictable, and corporations … Continued

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Looking Back at the Three Years Since our Pitch for the Purse Win

April 28, 2022

If you’ve followed us for a while, you may remember three years ago when I won the Forum’s Pitch for the Purse – a prestigious national business pitch competition. This week, the gala finale resumes in person and I am thrilled to return to the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver ballroom to watch this year’s finalists. This … Continued

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What’s Up With Canada’s Seafood Labelling Laws?

April 7, 2022

The Fight For Stricter Seafood Labelling Laws As you may already know, Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery is part of a group of seafood industry stakeholders and grocery chains calling for greater transparency in labelling seafood sold in Canada.  The group delivered a letter to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as part of their recent … Continued

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Our 2022 Rockfish Sourcing Strategy

March 28, 2022

We put a lot of thought into deciding what species to offer our members every year. And we gather information every year from numerous sources to make sure all our offerings are coming from the most sustainable fisheries in BC. It’s where there is disagreement that we need to dig deeper to find more information … Continued

Fishing Stories News arctic char sustainability

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