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Who is Skipper Otto?

Skipper Otto all began 12 years ago when Sonia and Shaun wanted to ensure Shaun’s father, Otto, got a fair price for his catch. Now, Skipper Otto is an established Community Supported Fishery that supports dozens of independent fishing families, helping to keep small-scale fishing alive in BC, while also protecting our valuable ocean resources, and ensuring customers have direct access to wild, sustainable BC seafood.

What is a Community Supported Fishery?

A Community Supported Fishery (CSF) eliminates the traditional seafood supply chain, providing you with complete transparency around what seafood is being caught, where, and how. Through this CSF model, Skipper Otto is rebuilding robust local food systems and communities and keeping our members connected to important issues in fisheries.

Independent Fishers

We work with independent, small-scale Canadian fishing families. Our relationship is based on transparency, fairness and equality, so they can remain in complete control of their livelihoods and be sure that they’re getting a fair price for their catch.

Skipper Otto

Skipper Otto ensures harvesters are paid a fair and timely wage for the fish they catch. All seafood is flash frozen to ensure the best quality and freshness. We then distribute it to select locations across Canada for you to enjoy!


As a member of Skipper Otto, you’ll get to enjoy a wide variety of delicious seafood, knowing where it comes from, when it was caught, and who caught it right on the label. You’ll also know that you are supporting Canadian fishing families and maintaining the integrity of our ocean ecosystem.

How Skipper Otto works

1. Make a Pledge to Our Community
Sign up and pay before the season starts to secure your share of the catch, and help cover the steep upfront costs of fishing.
2. Our Fishermen Hit the Seas
Our independent Canadian fishermen only catch what is abundant and in season, respecting the limits of the ocean, and ensuring sustainability.
3. Take Your Pick of the Catch
Choose from our wide selection of popular favourites and explore lesser-known delicacies you won’t find anywhere else!
4. Pick Up Your Delicious Seafood
Collect your order from your nearest neighbourhood pick-up location.

Is flash frozen better?

Flash freezing is the process of freezing an item quickly at an extremely low temperature with cold, circulating air. When seafood is flash frozen, it locks in all of the delicious flavour and nutrients of fresh seafood, in a convenient freezer-burn-resistant airtight package that’s ready whenever you are!

Unlike fresh seafood that has a very short shelf life between 2-3 days, Skipper Otto’s flash frozen seafood can remain in your freezer for months on end, resulting in less food waste and more delicious meal options in a flash! Flash freezing also prevents ice crystals from forming between tissue fibres, so the perfect texture, flavour and catch-day freshness is maintained. It also makes Skipper Otto seafood sushi-grade!