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Finding wild, high quality seafood in Canada isn’t always easy.

The seafood industry is broken. About 80% of seafood found in Canadian grocery stores is imported from other countries, and up to 44% of seafood sold in major Canadian cities is mislabeled.

Why is this bad? Not only are you are paying more for lower quality fish, but mislabeled seafood can also pose health risks for you and your family and threaten endangered species!

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Why We Are Different


Top Quality Canadian

We proudly offer only top quality seafood and sushi-grade options (AKA the highest quality seafood out there!), caught in Canada by Canadian fishing families.


& Easy Pickup

You can easily schedule and pick-up your seafood at over 90 community partner locations across Canada.


Sustainably Caught
& 100% Traceable

We ensure all of our seafood products are 100% traceable You’ll know exactly who caught your seafood, and when, where, and how it was caught.

Skipper Otto offers an alternative!

Skipper Otto gives you access to the best quality Canadian seafood available. When you become a member, you get to enjoy your favourite seafood at the peak of deliciousness, as well as try some lesser-known delicacies you might not find anywhere else.

The best part? Our seafood is 100% traceable, so you’ll know who caught it, and when, where, and how it was caught.

Pricing starting at $219 for the year.

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Skipper Otto Seafood Products

How Skipper Otto Works

Choose how much seafood you want for the year

Not sure how much seafood to commit to? Check out our share calculator. Don’t worry about guessing your perfect size – you can top up later!

Take your pick from our catch

Browse our members-only online portal and choose from our large selection of wild seafood. Order only the products and quantities you want.

Schedule your

Find your nearest pickup location from our community partners across Canada, tell us when you want to pick it up, and collect your order.

Fork & Knife
Enjoy your delicious seafood!

Enjoy the best wild seafood you’ve ever had.

Need some recipe inspiration? Check out our blog.

What Our Members Enjoy

Just some of the delicious, wild seafood items we offer.
For more information on our products and pricing, click here.



Albacore Tuna






Artic Char






Spot Prawns


Become a Member Today!

Ready to enjoy a wide variety of delicious, Canadian seafood, while knowing where it comes from, when it was caught, and who caught it? Become a member today!

Pricing starting at $219 for the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Skipper Otto different?

As a Community Supported Fishery, we create a unique relationship between our fishing families and home cooks. We are not a traditional retailer, so we don’t catch and store a lot of extra inventory. Instead we plan and cover costs upfront for the fishing season. This shocking simple practice is a major disruption to the traditional industry – which is what sets us apart!

Why do I have to pre-pay?

One of the simplest things that we do is set a fair price with our fishing families and then pay them in full when the catch is delivered. When you purchase your share upfront, you're telling us how much fish you’d like us to catch for you this year. This is how you help make a difference to create a fair and equitable seafood system.

How does ordering work?

Unlike a subscription box program, you only place an order when you want something. As a member, you'll receive emails letting you know what's available and when it can be picked up. To order, log in to our online store, choose what items you want, and when and where you want to pick it up. Once you submit your order, we'll have it packed, labelled and delivered to your pick-up location.

Can I top up my balance?

Yes! While we encourage you to try to be as accurate as possible at the beginning of the year because it helps us plan, we know it's tricky to predict! Generally as members return year after year, it gets easier to select the right share size at the start of the season. Check out our Share Calculator for more details.

"I can't say enough how impressed I've been!"

This is my first year with Skipper Otto, and I can't say enough how impressed I've been. Everything we have ordered has been excellent, and I loved the opportunity to try new things! Pick-ups are flawless and I recommend you to anyone I can. Thank you for all you do to provide us with wild seafood and the opportunity to learn a bit about those who have caught what we are eating.

- Cheryl S, member since 2022

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