Love seafood but don’t want to support
unjust, unsustainable, unfair, and unaccountable
industrial fishing practices?

Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery offers an alternative.

One that prioritizes local supply chains, equity and justice for fishing families, eating with the ecosystem, and providing the most responsibly sourced (and the most delicious) seafood possible.

Skipper Otto is
the solution

to a global seafood system designed to extract as much as possible from the ecosystem without giving anything back.

How does it work?

Join Skipper Otto

Members pay up-front to reserve their share of the Skipper Otto fishing families’ catch – this gives our fishing families peace of mind, knowing they’re guaranteed a market for their season’s catch.

Fishing families hit the seas

Our independent, BC fishermen catch what is abundant and in-season. They respect the limits of the ocean, ensuring only the most sustainably-caught seafood for our members.

Bring it home

Pick up your delicious seafood from one of our many convenient community partners. Enjoy the best seafood you’ve ever had.

Take your pick of the catch

Visit our online store and choose from our wide selection of popular favourites and explore lesser-known delicacies you won’t find anywhere else!

What is a Community Supported Fishery?

A community supported fishery provides fishing families with a fair, transparent price for their catch up front. This means fishing families are empowered to be better stewards of the environment and can work ensure that they can keep making a living fishing, season after season.

Consumers also benefit from transparency what seafood is being caught, where, and how. Through this CSF model, Skipper Otto is establishing and rebuilding robust local food systems and communities and keeping our members connected to important issues in fisheries.