School Lunches with Skipper Otto’s

“Fast” food doesn’t have to be unhealthy and full of social and environmental exploitation! We’ve been busy turning our seafood into convenient, ready-to-eat products to make your lives easier this busy fall season! Here are a few of our favourite quick and easy lunch ideas:

  • Mix canned tuna or salmon with a little mayo and mustard. Then spread onto pitas or tortillas, layer with cheese and spinach or lettuce. Roll up and serve!
  • Sprinkle Caviar on any salad, rice bowl, or into soup. Caviar is also a great first food for babies.
  • What could be easier and tastier for lunch than a bagel with lox and cream cheese? We think of lox as the ham of the sea and you can use it in place of ham or bacon in just about any recipe.
  • All of our hot smoked salmon are excellent in a lunch. They thaw quickly and are delicious on salads, in soups, pastas, or just straight out of the bag with crackers or bread and soft cheese.
  • Our kids love sushi. I’m no sushi chef, but cook up some sushi rice early in the week, roll it into rice balls, and lay some raw, sliced albacore tuna or salmon pieces on top. Add a small container of soy sauce and some thinly sliced veggies, and you have lunch!

As with any lunch, be sure to pack all these lunches into a thermal bag with plenty of ice packs for best freshness

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