From seafood favourites to lesser-known delicacies.

Our members rave about our seafood. Knowing where each fish is from and who caught it means we prioritize taste and quality in ways that no one else can.

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Eating with the ecosystem

Our wild, west coast fisheries offer up amazing seafood year after year. We’ll let you know what is abundant and sustainable each year and give you opportunities not only to enjoy your old favourites but also to try out some lesser-known delicacies.

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What does the average share look like?

Our flexible system lets you pick whatever you like from the year’s catch, so everyone’s share looks differently depending on how big your family is, how often you eat seafood, and what products you like. Here are a few examples of how a share could look!

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The real truth about frozen seafood

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Did you know? You can start with a smaller share and top up later in the season if you run out of credit.

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Member since 2018

"I'm glad you have these community pickups available. Picking up there is super convenient! I've really enjoyed the delicious eating in our first year with you. I've long thought about joining and wasn't sure how it would work for us. It's been great! I've renewed for 2019 and look forward to another year of healthy and delicious eating with deep gratitude to the fishers!"