BC chum salmon roe is not only jam packed with nutrients and highly prized around the world for its large size and beautiful colour, this seasonal delicacy is also simple to prepare.

To make caviar: remove the skeins and soak the roe in salt water for 5-25 minutes and then rinse with cold water.

That’s all it takes to prepare this incredible treat! No cooking required, which is oh so nice on hot summer evenings. If stored in a tightly covered container, roe will last for three weeks in the fridge and two months in the freezer.

You can use roe to garnish pastas, sushi, or other seafood dishes. It is also very enjoyable with sour cream, lemon and mild crackers.

Removing the skeins is the most difficult part of the process, but it is much simpler if you soak the skein in cold water and then a salt brine before you separate the skein and roe.

Simple, clear instructions with pictures from the homebrewchef