This recipe was the winner of our 2014 Recipe Contest! Thank you Wayne for submitting your delicious cedar plank salmon recipe.
What you’ll need:
– Cedar plank
– Salmon Fillet
– Wild blackberries or blueberries
– Maple Syrup
– Salt and Pepper to taste
Suggestions for sides: 
– Nugget potatoes, garden fresh beans and carrots, and a Greek salad
– Grilled nectarines/peaches (Cut in half, drizzle in balsamic vinegar and grill for a few minutes)
– Soak cedar plank for a couple hours or overnight
– Crush wild berries with a fork
– Pre-heat BBQ
– Remove plank from water, put fillets on plank
– Dribble some maple syrup on the salmon fillet then coat with crushed berries
– Season with salt and pepper
– Put on BBQ till done to your likeness, being careful to not catch the plank on fire.