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In addition to fishing families, we’re also a team of bright, caring, hard-working folks!

Sonia Strobel

Co-founder & CEO

Sonia married into the Strobel family in 2001 and quickly became involved in helping connect Otto’s sustainably harvested seafood with friends and family in Vancouver. She worked in a variety of community-based organizations, non-profits, and as a high school teacher for many years, striving for social and environmental justice. Sonia has been a member of Community Supported Agriculture programs since the early 90’s and brought her knowledge of CSA’s to the family fishery, first conceiving of the idea for the CSF in 2008.

Shaun Strobel

Co-founder & Lead Fisherman

Shaun is Skipper Otto’s son, who began fishing with his father when he was just 7 years old. In addition to fishing, Shaun selects and maintains solid relationships with other fishermen and navigates the complex logistics of getting fish from the hands of our fishermen to the hands of our members. Dismayed at the dwindling salmon fishing fleet in the wake of the big business Seine fleet and fish farms, Shaun wrote an M.A. thesis at SFU on the labour history of fishing in BC. Shaun was a high school Social Studies teacher for many years, taught SCUBA diving, and is a technical diver.

Chris Kantowicz


Chris has spent his career growing businesses that support environmental, social and cultural missions. He first worked with Skipper Otto in 2014 as their business coach at the Sauder School of Business’ Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing. Chris has an MBA from the Sauder School of Business at UBC and genuinely enjoys all his strategic business planning and financial management responsibilities.

Lizzy DuGuay

Director of HR and Operations

Lizzy joined the Skipper Otto team in 2016, and dove right in to learn all about fisheries and social business! She came to us from a career in Human Resources and Student Affairs at UBC, developing her exceptional interpersonal, problem solving, logistics and coordination skill set. Her education in Human Geography fueled her interest in social and environmental justice and she’s so happy to be working to support our resilient coastal communities and build robust, local food systems.

Celine Terfloth

Communications Manager

Celine comes from a background in Marine Biology, with the bulk of her experience focusing on marine conservation and sustainable agriculture in The Bahamas. The combination of these fields of work has led her to be a true advocate of the CSF model! Her passion and enthusiasm for fair trade and locally-sourced seafood truly shines through in her Communications and Member Services role here at Skipper Otto.

Aaron Clark

Facility and IT Manager

Aaron has been a Skipper Otto member for many years and loves being a part of this food community. Aaron has a background in music composition, engineering and producing, as well as technology & systems. His diverse skillset, ability to learn quickly, and his can-do attitude make him a great asset to the Skipper Otto team.

Mike Joyce

Distribution Manager

Through work experience and education in the geological sciences, Mike has developed a deep reverence for Canada’s outdoors and fosters a keen interest in the sustainable exploitation of our natural resources. He cherishes the bustling life and cast of characters down at Fisherman’s Wharf and works eagerly to help the Skipper Otto distribution team meet their goals.

Juan Pablo Brasdefer

Data and Operations Analyst

Juan is a bright young graduate from UBC that believes businesses hold the power (and responsibility!) to change the world and environment for the better. Coming to us from an economics and data science background, he relishes in diving through numbers and information to answer questions and provide insight while helping our operations run smoothly! An avid swimmer and lover of Vancouver’s aquatic landscapes, we might just find ourselves fishing him up one of these days!

Alexa MacEwen

Distribution Team

Alexa joined the Skipper Otto team after having completed her Masters in Sustainable Aquaculture in Scotland. Prior to that she had been involved with various local food system initiatives through her degree in nutrition within the Faculty of Land and Food Systems at UBC. She's looking forward to sharing her passion for sustainable food systems and connecting with people over fish!

Jeff Scott

Sustainable Fisheries Researcher

Jeff started on the Distribution Team in 2015 while he was working on his fisheries management MSc. at UBC's Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. He's spent many years working as a fisheries observer in US waters, and as a field biologist for the International Pacific Halibut Commission in BC and Alaska. In addition to Jeff's work on the Distribution Team, he has also helped Skipper Otto enormously in their research on sustainable salmon fisheries.

Gordon Havelaar

Distribution Team

Gordon is an SFU dance graduate, occasional CSA farmhand and a wool spinner. He is proud to be a part of the Skipper Otto CSF team and contributing to local food security.

Ravi Maharaj

Distribution Team

Ravi hails from Trinidad & Tobago, and studied Caribbean coral reef ecology at UBC. He currently works with the Pacific Salmon Foundation, and we’re lucky to have his depth of knowledge on our team. Not only does Ravi live and breathe all things ocean, he also enjoys cooking and eating many things that come out of the ocean! When he’s not spreadsheets deep in data or handing out seafood orders, you’ll find him rock climbing, sketching, or cooking up a mean grilled octopus.

Santiago de la Puente Jeri

Distribution Team

Santiago is Peruvian PhD student at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. He studies the ecological and human dimensions of the Humboldt Current, with emphasis on fisheries economics and governance. He has recently joined Skipper Otto’s distribution team to learn more about BC fishes and seafood retail in Vancouver. He hopes that this experience will help him identify ways to foster community supported fisheries back home.

Rocío Lopez de la Lama

Distribution Team

Rocío is a Peruvian biologist that has come all the way to Canada in order to pursuit a PhD at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC. She has worked with several fishing communities back in Peru, in order to find the best sustainable and responsible practices in benefit of marine ecosystems and local communities. She is quite excited to become a part of Skipper Otto’s team, and looks forward to get to know as much as possible about Canadian fish, fishers and fisheries!

Mauro Suguwara

Distribution Team

Mauro is a PhD student at UBC. He is broadly interested in Ecology and Evolution, and has been involved in several science outreach initiatives back in Brazil. When not enjoying a good soccer game or playing some chess, he’s proudly working at Skipper Otto’s distribution team.

Kiera Vandeborne

Distribution Team

Kiera holds a degree in Environmental Governance and is currently pursuing her Master of Community and Regional Planning at UBC. She's passionate about the connection between environmental and human health, and loves spending her spare time in the outdoors, particularly on or near BC's beautiful lakes and oceans. Kiera's background working in community engagement for environmental non-profits make her a great fit for Skipper Otto. She is happy to be part of our team to contribute to local food security and ensure there is a sustainable future for fishing on our coast. 

Jessika Woroniak

Distribution Team

Jessika is an avid beachcomber with dreams of someday becoming a voice for the oceans. She is currently involved in fisheries research at UBC’s Institute for Ocean and Fisheries and completing her master’s degree in Public Policy and Global Affairs. Being down at the Fisherman’s Wharf, however, is always the best part of her day. She absolutely loves meeting all of those involved in the short supply chain.

Oliver Strobel

Deck Hand

Oliver is the oldest son of Sonia and Shaun, Skipper Otto’s first grandson, and a 3rd generation fisherman. Dreaming of a better world for her son, his mother, Sonia, first conceived of the idea for the CSF right after Oliver was born in May, 2008. Oliver has been going out on fish boats since he was 3 months old and started deck handing when he was just 5 years old. He loves swimming, fishing, and “working” at fish pick-ups. Oliver hopes to be a fisherman when he grows up.

Lyndon Strobel

Deck Hand

Lyndon is the second son of Sonia and Shaun and was was born in July, 2011, right at the height of the 2011 CSF season! Lyndon’s first fishing trip was when he was just a few weeks old, and, like his older brother, he has been raised with the sounds and smells of fishing ever since. Lyndon loves to tell people that “we are a fishing family” and feels as much at home on the boat as he does in his own house. Perhaps he, too, will carry on the family fishing tradition!

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Member since 2012

"We come from farming families here on the Prairie and joined Skipper Otto way back when because we loved the concept of directly supporting 'farmers' (and getting awesome seafood!). The commitment and dedication to what you are doing, and the amazing community you have created is wonderful to be part of."