Meet your Prawner, Scott Lincez

Sonia - May 3, 2016

Scott lincez

We’re pleased to introduce you to Scott Lincez, your prawner and shrimper!

Scott is a first generation fisherman who has been fishing for over 30 years. He raised his 6 daughters near Qualicum BC where he has done just about every type of fishing you can imagine: seining, crabbing, herring, you name it.

More recently, Scott has gotten into marine research, collecting data for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and other researchers. He uses ROV’s (submarines) as well a variety of other high tech equipment to track salmon spawning returns and observe other species. Scott loves the challenges of trouble shooting and problem solving in the harsh marine environment. “Some of the gear sits at 200 fathoms deep,” Scott explained. “So we have to design equipment that can stay safely on the bottom for several years and radio transmit data to the surface.” Today, he fits in this research work around his prawning and shrimping seasons.

In addition to the marine research, Scott also takes out charters and tours on board his 40 foot aluminum harvester, Robson Byte.

But, Scott explains, as soon as spot prawn season opens in May, “I drop everything! I won’t even talk to anyone. It’s a big investment to get all the equipment [for spot prawning]: RSW [refrigerated salt water] units, freezers, quota.” The spot prawn season is only 40 days long and so Scott and the other prawners have to be efficient during those 40 days to ensure they can cover their costs.

While spot prawns are caught in traps, Scott also has the gear to trawl for Ocean Wise side-stripe prawns and pink shrimp. These prawns and shrimp are caught on muddy sea floors and so, Ocean Wise agrees, there is minimal damage to the marine environment. The season for these prawns and shrimp is much longer and so Scott can squeeze this fishing in around his other work.

Because Scott has RSW units and freezers onboard his boat, he keeps his prawns and shrimp alive right up until he removes their heads and flash-freezes their tails right on board his boat. You won’t get prawns and shrimp any fresher than these!

In recent years, Scott has been looking for local markets for his prawns and shrimp and he’s so happy to have found Skipper Otto’s. “Selling to the offshore market is pretty cut-throat,” Scott says. You never know if you’re going to break even. But our members help Scott to have a guaranteed, fair market for his prawns and shrimp before he even heads out fishing. That takes a huge stress out of the business!

After over 30 years of hard fishing, Scott is happy to have simplified his fishing life to just the most premium quality, sustainable shrimp and prawns. Now that all but the youngest of his girls have moved out, he says he and his wife talk about selling the house, getting an RV, travelling winters. And, of course, fishing in summers.

Sonia - May 3, 2016

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Meet your Prawner, Scott Lincez

Sonia - May 3, 2016

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