• Get access to fair trade, sustainable, delicious seafood
  • Support independent Canadian fishing families
  • Protect traditional ways of life in Canada’s coastal and Indigenous communities

A revolutionary approach to seafood

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Our fishing families get a guaranteed market for their catch and the assurance they’ll be paid fairly.

Fishing families catch what is seasonally abundant and sustainable.

Choose from our wide selection of popular favourites and lesser-known delicacies!

We want to change how people connect to fisheries

Skipper Otto was founded in 2008 by Shaun and Sonia Strobel with the goal of helping Shaun’s Dad, Otto to get a fair price for his catch, and to connect directly with seafood lovers. With the support of Skipper Otto members, Otto enjoyed many more seasons of fishing. As demand grew, Shaun returned to fishing alongside his dad and eventually introduced his two sons, Oliver and Lyndon, to commercial fishing. Today, Skipper Otto members across Canada support dozens of fishing families like the Shaun and Sonia’s.

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