Otto’s Retirement Party Salmon Burgers

Sonia - October 21, 2016

slidersOtto’s Retirement from Fishing BBQ was a huge success! 300 members braved the weather and enjoyed live music, salmon burgers, beer, art, raffles, and more! One of the highlights of the event, was Jack’s delicious chum salmon burgers. So many of our members have been asking for the recipe, so I cornered Jack at the wharf and got the recipe!

Chum salmon is a delicious, bountiful BC salmon which comes in at a lower price point that many of the other species. When caught well off shore in salt water, chum salmon have silver-bright skin and firm, delicious flesh. Chum sometimes get a bad reputation because they are often caught in the river when their valuable roe are the ripest, but their flesh has begun to decay. We only carry silver-bright chum and, when you taste them, you’ll understand why chum is one of our absolute favourite species of salmon!

Jack Kines is a fisherman, a trained chef, and long time friend of Skipper Otto’s. He kindly volunteered his time and his recipe to make Otto’s retirement party special. We hope you’ll enjoy his recipe as much as we all did!


Jack’s Chum Salmon Burgers

You will need:

  • burger buns
  • chum salmon fillets, skin removed
  • cole slaw
  • smoked salmon cream cheese
  • salsa
  • sprouted beans
  • pea shoots

For marinade

  • 2 cups brown demerrara sugar
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 1/3 cup light soy sauce
  • 1/3 cup white vinegar
  • 4 cloves of garlic, crushed


  1. Remove skin from chum salmon fillets and cut into burger sized portions. Place salmon portions in a large ziplock bag.
  2. Whisk together marinade ingredients and pour into ziplock bag over salmon portions. “Burp” to get all the air out of the bag so that the fillets are fully covered.
  3. Place the marinading salmon in the fridge for 24 hours. (You can use this marinade with other salmon, too, but you need to modify the marinading time accordingly: Sockeye salmon – 6 hours; pink salmon – 12 hours; red chinook – 12 hours; white chinook 24 hours)
  4. Make another batch of marinade. Simmer in a sauce pan to reduce to a glaze.
  5. When ready to cook salmon fillets, discard marinade (it is not food safe to use this for the glaze).
  6. Heat the BBQ to very hot and cook the salmon fillets just a couple of minutes per side. Brush each side with glaze as you cook. Do not over cook!
  7. To serve, put a smear of smoked salmon cream cheese on the bun, a dollop of cole slaw, and sprinkle with sprouted beans. Add the salmon fillet, a spoonful of salsa, and top with a sprinkle of pea shoots.

Cole Slaw:
For these burgers, we purchased a pre-cut cabbage and Kale salad from Costco. Jack whipped up a mixture of equal parts sour cream and mayonnaise and stirred enough into the salad to make a wet mixture. You can use any prepared or home made coleslaw.

Smoked salmon cream cheese:
For these burgers, Jack chopped up smoked salmon in the food processor and then added cream cheese. He then whipped it in the food processor until smooth. You can also use any prepared or home made smoked salmon cream cheese.

Enjoy! And please send us your thoughts, photos, and feedback!


Sonia - October 21, 2016

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Otto’s Retirement Party Salmon Burgers

Sonia - October 21, 2016

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