Sonia - June 5, 2013

Welcome to our 5th season as a CSF!  We’d like to introduce ourselves again and welcome on board a few new Skipper Otto’s crew members!

Otto Strobel: your primary fishermen!  Otto is leaving on Saturday for his 5 day trip up the BC coast to our northern fishing grounds.  If you haven’t already, you can check out a great documentary of blog posts and photos on our website “A Trip Up the Coast with Skipper Otto” to see what Otto will be experiencing over the coming week.

Shaun Strobel: Otto’s son, fisherman, our “operations manager.”  Shaun will be at most pick-ups and Farmers Markets as well as on trips to our out of town cities.  Shaun manages all the logistics of getting fish from the sea and from other fishermen through transport, member pick-ups, markets, processing, and storing of fish.

Sonia Strobel: Shaun’s wife and the “director” of Skipper Otto’s CSF.  Sonia manages the direction of the CSF, the website, member liaison and other behind-the-scenes stuff.  You can expect to see her at some of the pick-ups and markets this summer, too, often with the boys (Oliver, 5 and Lyndon, almost 2) in tow!

Emma Holmes: Emma is our new Volunteer and Logistics Coordinator!  Thanks in part to a provincial grant, we were able to hire Emma who brings an amazing amount of skill, experience, and motivation to the CSF.  Her Master’s degree and her years of experience working with CSAs are an asset to our CSF.  Emma will be contacting and coordinating members who indicated on their sign up that they were willing to volunteer for the CSF as well as helping out with social media, pick-ups, markets, and everything in between.

Duncan Cameron: Duncan primarily fishes for halibut and crab for our CSF members.  Like Shaun, he grew up fishing and we feel so fortunate to have him join our CSF crew.  The CSF has helped ensure that Duncan gets a fair price for his fish and he is happy to be part of the team.

Stewart MacDonald:  Stewart is a 3rd generation commercial fishermen, long-time colleague and a new asset to our CSF crew.  He primarly fishes for spot prawns and salmon for our CSF members but also goes herring (roe) fishing in winter taking Shaun onboard as a crew member.

Rod Roberts:  Rod has been fishing along side Otto for the past 40 years.  When area licensing in the 1996 forced fishermen to choose 1 section of the coast to fish, Rod chose fishing grounds closer to home and now fishes for salmon for our CSF in Barkley Sound off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Gordon Tilley is Sonia’s dad and helps out with the CSF in many ways.  You may see him doing filleting demonstrations, helping with pick-ups and markets, and even hosting a few fresh fish pick-ups in his driveway in Burnaby.

Sonia - June 5, 2013

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Sonia - June 5, 2013

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