Some important notes about how Vancouver pick-ups will work for the 2014 season

Sonia - May 29, 2014

Hello Vancouver members!

We are very excited to start another season! We took your comments and suggestions from last season very seriously, and have updated our pick-up and online ordering system to make it more streamlined. See below for details:

·      You will receive an email whenever you have the opportunity to pick up fresh fish. We anticipate that we will have weekly fresh fish opportunities this summer.

·      You will not receive email updates about Farmer’s Market, but you can check out the calendar on our website ( to see which Farmer’s Markets we are at and when.  Members are welcome to pick up products from their share at markets. We will sometimes have limited amounts of fresh fish at markets.

·      Please reserve items before picking up at fresh fish pick-ups and Farmer’s Markets to ensure you get the products you are interested in. If you forget to pre-order a frozen item or product, chances are we will have lots on hand but it is very important to pre-order for fresh sustainable seafood.

·      You can login in to the online store here using your email to reserve items for pick-ups

·      The store will show all the items available to you at that week’s pick-up with an average weight and average price/ item.  Both primary and secondary members can place orders. All items in the store will have a zero value, so your account will not be charged when you reserve an item.

·      You will receive an email confirmation of what you have ordered. If you don’t receive an email, this may mean your order may not have gone through. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if this happens and we will make sure the order has been placed.

·      Come to the pick-up and select your seafood! Be sure to tell us the name of the member who made the order. You can change your order at this point and select more or less, larger or smaller, based on availability.

·      We will weigh your items, determine their price, and enter this information into the system.   You will then receive an email confirming what you took, it’s dollar value, and what remains in your share.

·      You will be able to login to our member portal at anytime using the login portal at our website ( Your member portal will let you know what you have ordered, how much it cost, and what is left in your share.

·      If you go beyond your membership credits, your share will show a negative balance. You can top up your share at pick-ups/farmer’s markets, through email transfer, or by mailing us a cheque.

Looking forward to our best season yet!

Sonia - May 29, 2014

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Some important notes about how Vancouver pick-ups will work for the 2014 season

Sonia - May 29, 2014

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