What will I get?

Our products include:

  • Sashimi grade salmon fillets (sockeye, chinook, coho, chum, and pink);

  • A variety of smoked, candied, and canned salmon products;

  • Sashimi grade albacore tuna loins;

  • Halibut fillets;

  • Lingcod fillets;

  • Spot prawns;

  • Rockfish fillets;

  • Pacific hake;

  • Pink and spiny scallops;

  • Arctic char;

  • A variety of dried and frozen kelp products

  • Live mussels (Only at Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver);

  • Live Dungeness crab (Only at Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver);

  • Live Pacific oysters (Only at Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver)

We add new products to our offering whenever we are able to welcome new, values-aligned fishing families aboard.

Skipper Otto is not a monthly seafood box program. Rather, you can choose what you like when you like from what we are catching. For example, if you purchase a $500 share, you can order whatever you like from our inventory to a total of $500 at as many or as few pick-ups as you like. Each item is assigned a fair price based on that year’s fishing, processing, and transport costs. What you can get for $500 varies based on what you like to order. If you choose higher priced products such as halibut and spot prawns, your $500 will get you a lot less seafood than if you choose lower priced items like pink salmon or hake. Use our share size calculator to help you decide what size share to buy!

The majority of our flash-frozen fillets come in 1 lb packages (2 serving sizes). We do carry smaller portions sizes on a few items including coho salmon, lingcod, tuna loins and spot prawn tails and we do offer whole, dressed, frozen salmon for large parts of the year as well.

The nature of any CSA or CSF is that you are supporting fishers for whatever is the best, most sustainable fish they can catch on any given year. We do share a lot of information about what is in season and what are the most sustainable choices.