What size share should I buy?

Deciding what size share suits you mostly depends on how many people are in your household, how often you expect to eat seafood and how late in the calendar year you are signing up.

Fill out our quick share size calculator to find out the minimum share size your family will need over a full calendar year. The amount on the calculator is a good place to start since it is a minimum amount that is based on some of our less expensive items. We know that estimating this amount is a challenge in your first year, so feel free to start at whatever amount you are comfortable with and then top up your account balance as the year goes on.

Generally as members return year after year, it gets easier to select the right share size at the start of the season. Choosing a more accurate starting share in future years is very helpful for us to plan with our fishing families but don’t stress too much about it in your first year with us!

Access the share size calculator