Eating with the Ecosystem

At Skipper Otto one of our most valuable guiding principles is eating with the ecosystem. This means matching our seafood consumption with the rhythms of nature and respecting the seasonality of each species of seafood. This also means expanding our tastes and enjoying a wider variety of seafood, to ensure we are not overfishing a single sought-after species.  

How We Ate with the Ecosystem in 2019

We knew there would be some challenges to the 2019 fishing season, but we also knew that our members are accustomed to eating with the ecosystem and enjoying whatever seafood nature provides in abundance any given season. We were warned that sockeye on the Fraser River runs would be low, and they were. Sockeye was scarce throughout BC this year and, as a result, there wasn’t a lot of it for our members. The DFO also postposed most chinook salmon fishing until late in the year to protect vulnerable stocks and resident orcas. Despite those precautions on some areas of the coast, the chinook runs on the west coast of Vancouver Island came in stronger than expected and chinook was able to be enjoyed later in the season.  

This year’s spot prawn season was strong which gave some of our fishermen a good start to their season and our members plenty of delicious prawns to enjoy.  This year we were also pleased our fishermen did well with halibut, lingcod and July chum fishing–all species our members were able to enjoy in more abundance this year than other years.  

We’re so grateful for the flexibility of our members who enter into this agreement to enjoy the bounty of seafood that the ecosystem provides on any given year. Rather than putting more strain on just a few globally-sought-after species, our members are happy to support our fishing families for the catch that makes the most environmental sense this year.  

Want to eat great seafood that is fully sustainable? Sign-ups for 2020 are now open and we’d love to have you aboard! Join now and you’ll enjoy our lowest membership rates as well as the chance to win some great prizes. 

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Why Skipper Otto Works


We work only with independent Canadian fishermen and ensure they catch seafood according to the limits of the ocean and ensure its sustainable. They are in complete control of their livelihoods and working conditions. This makes them very happy!  

Skipper Otto

Skipper Otto ensures fishermen receive fair pay for the fish they catch and receive their pay promptly. Skipper Otto labels seafood correctly and freezes it to ensure you’re getting the best quality and freshness. We then distribute it to select locations across Canada for you to enjoy!  


You know where your seafood comes from, what it is, when it was caught, and who caught it. You get to enjoy a wide variety of delicious seafood, knowing that you are supporting Canadian fishing families and maintaining the integrity of our ocean ecosystem.  

Why join Skipper Otto?

Fishermen’s Friend

Our fishermen are independent – we don’t own their boats, licences or quotas. They prefer working with us because we treat them with dignity and transparency, and pay living wages for their high quality, sustainably harvested catch.  

Fair Prices

We work hard to keep our member prices competitive with other markets and fish shops. Our supply chain is direct — simpler than the complex, industrial system — making plenty of room for both a fair price for fishermen and for consumer.

Eating with the ecosystem

Eating with the ecosystem means matching our seafood consumption to the rhythms of nature and place. It means celebrating and respecting a region’s marine biodiversity by harvesting a diversity of seafood and respecting the unique seasonality of every species and fishery.