Skipper Otto gives you access to the best seafood available

Become a Skipper Otto member and enjoy your favourite seafood at the peak of deliciousness, plus, try out some lesser-known delicacies you might not find anywhere else. From your first bite of succulent wild salmon or your first sweet spot prawn, you’ll be hooked.


Eating with the Ecosystem

Our wild, west coast fisheries provide amazing seafood year after year, and we want to keep it that way. We advocate eating with the ecosystem, meaning choosing more of what is abundant and sustainable (and of course, delicious!)

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Flash Frozen

All our frozen fish is flash-frozen, which means it is as fresh as possible. The taste and nutrients are the same as if you were eating the fish the day it came out of the ocean.

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Supporting Fishing Families

The Skipper Otto model is all about providing the best seafood to our members while ensuring our fishing families receive a fair wage and are empowered to make ecologically-sound choices. The global seafood supply chain might be successful at moving a lot of fish around the world, but when it comes to quality, nothing compares to working with people who truly know and love what they do.

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