Skipper Otto Membership Pride

Celebrating 10 Years of Member Pride 

Skipper Otto has been connecting members to their fishermen for over 10 years now, and the amount of support over the years has been phenomenal. From when we started in 2008, we have grown from only 40 members to 2827! As our family grows, our connection to our seafood only grows closerwe’ve been able to take on new fishing families, and give more Canadians access to fair trade, sustainable seafood 

We love hearing stories about how getting more connected to fishermen has changed how our members eat seafood. It has been our pleasure to speak to some of our long-term members about what keeps them coming back for their Skipper Otto seafood, here is what some of them have said about why they are proud Skipper Otto Members: 

“I’ve been a member for a long time. It’s the freshest, healthiest, and the fairest system for fishermen. I get so much healthy salmon and other fish through them–I absolutely love it! It’s such a great system to pick up my fish whenever I want it, whenever I need it. It’s almost always nearby, I tell everybody that they should join and get their fish from Skipper Otto!”   


“Thrilled to be part of Skipper Otto’s! Very convenient to pick up at Choices- the fish is so high quality, so tasty, and I love how buying from the collective is encouraging me to buy local, sustainable, in season. Made a prawn-and-pea risotto with basil and mint last night with my coveted remaining flash frozen spot prawns – yum!” 


“It feels great supporting the recovery of BC’s local fishing industry while benefiting by receiving the freshest possible fish. We bought their rare smoked tuna (much like smoked salmon) and it was amazing!!! Try serving it with lime-marinated, thinly sliced red onion with capers over rice crackers. Delish!”


“This is my first year with Skipper Otto’s and I am very impressed! Excellent quality product, a great way to get local, fresh fish. The bonus is being able to support small business and independent fishers. Very happy I joined!” 


“Love the people, love the concept and really love the fish. Long live Skipper Otto!!”  


Thank you so much to all our proud Skipper Otto members! Because of you, every year we’ve been able to support more Canadian fishing families and work towards our vision of a more just, sustainable seafood system! 

Want to become a member? Sign-up season is now open! New members–prepare to try a diverse array of fresh seafood that will have your mouth watering. Returning members–welcome back, you’re in for another year of good eats and good company!  

How Membership Works


Make a pledge to our community by signing up for your share before the season starts


Our local, independent fishing families hit the seas


Take your pick from our wide selection of sustainable choices


Pick up your delicious seafood at your nearest neighbourhood pick-up location!

Why Skipper Otto Works


We work only with independent Canadian fishermen and ensure they catch seafood according to the limits of the ocean and ensure its sustainable. They are in complete control of their livelihoods and working conditions. This makes them very happy!  

Skipper Otto

Skipper Otto ensures fishermen receive fair pay for the fish they catch and receive their pay promptly. Skipper Otto labels seafood correctly and freezes it to ensure you’re getting the best quality and freshness. We then distribute it to select locations across Canada for you to enjoy!  


You know where your seafood comes from, what it is, when it was caught, and who caught it. You get to enjoy a wide variety of delicious seafood, knowing that you are supporting Canadian fishing families and maintaining the integrity of our ocean ecosystem.  

Why join Skipper Otto?

Fishermen’s Friend

Our fishermen are independent – we don’t own their boats, licences or quotas. They prefer working with us because we treat them with dignity and transparency, and pay living wages for their high quality, sustainably harvested catch.  

Fair Prices

We work hard to keep our member prices competitive with other markets and fish shops. Our supply chain is direct — simpler than the complex, industrial system — making plenty of room for both a fair price for fishermen and for consumer.

Eating with the ecosystem

Eating with the ecosystem means matching our seafood consumption to the rhythms of nature and place. It means celebrating and respecting a region’s marine biodiversity by harvesting a diversity of seafood and respecting the unique seasonality of every species and fishery.