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Shaun just returned from 5 hard days and nights of herring fishing as crew on one of our long-time colleague’s boats.  This time of year, they are fishing for roe, all of which was pre-sold to a company, so sorry to say, nothing fresh for our members right now!  But we thought you’d like to … Continued


Another reason to buy from the source: the imposter fish phenomenon

February 27, 2013

Last week, the conservation organization Oceana released the results of its in-depth, two-year study on “seafood fraud” in the US. What did they find? First, their DNA testing showed that ONE THIRD (that’s one in three!) of the fish samples that they analyzed were mislabeled. For certain species, mislabeling rates were much higher than this … Continued


Duncan Goes Crabbing

November 20, 2012

Duncan Cameron, our halibut fisherman, has decided to try his hand at crabbing!  He has headed out to the gulf islands with his new gear and will bring back crabs for our CSF members.  Crabs will be immediately cooked and flash frozen when they are caught.  Members will have the opportunity to purchase whole crab … Continued


Great deals on…mystery fish?

July 22, 2012

Flyer specials on sockeye abound – but where are they from? Not BC! Not Alaska! Not anywhere recognized as sustainable seafood. Here’s an example: on the front page of today’s Buy-Low flyer is photo of some lovely bright sockeye salmon. The photo is cleverly placed right under the “BC Day” Headline and provincial flag to … Continued


First day fishing in Skeena opening

July 13, 2012

Otto just called with an update from the fishing grounds off the opening of the Skeena river! To give you an idea of his day: – up at 3:45am to travel to the fishing grounds – net in the water by 6am – by 10:30am, 82 sockeye on board – its a sunny day but … Continued


When we were in Prince Rupert a couple weeks ago, on our way to the first fishing of the season, Otto and I were lucky enough to get interviewed by the local CBC Radio station. Check out our interview with Carolina de Ryk, co-host of CBC Daybreak North, Prince Rupert.


Duncan’s Halibut

July 9, 2012

Just got this email from Duncan, our Halibut fisherman with some details and photos about how they fish sustainable seafood.  Can’t wait to eat our first fillet this week and I know our members are looking forward to the first halibut pick up tomorrow night! “Our Halibut were caught in management area 5c which is … Continued


Parting Ways

July 1, 2012

Good morning and Happy Canada Day! After almost two weeks in cramped quarters, mixed weather and truly spectacular scenery, it’s time for me to leave Otto and Boris so that I can continue on to Haida Gwaii (formerly the Queen Charlotte Islands) for my own personal adventure. This has been a once-in-a-lifetime trip; it’s hard … Continued


Leaving the Fishing Grounds

June 28, 2012

After a restful night tied up in Port Edward, we went over to the packers’ dock to unload the sustainable salmon, get it in bins and get it on the truck heading down to Vancouver. For the bigger boats, there’s a machine I can only describe as a “fish vacuum” that sucks the fish out … Continued


Skipper Otto Holiday Fun!

December 18, 2000

This year our Skipper Otto’s holiday party moved online. We met over Zoom, cooked together and opened secret Santa gifts. We also played a self-made version of Family Feud! We surveyed around 100 of our long-term members with different Family Feud style questions and compiled the answers and prepared a game for the party. It … Continued


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