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  This recipe comes to us from Chris Kantowicz, our COO, who whipped this up for his Valentine’s dinner feast this week! His take on the classic Oyster Rockefeller incorporates our delicious giant kelp flakes for an original umami twist. 6 Pacific oysters, shucked 2 tsp giant kelp flakes 1 small onion, diced 3 cloves … Continued


5 Favourite Giant Kelp Recipes

February 17, 2022

We’ve been working with Dafne Romero for a little over two years to share her hand-harvested kelp from Haida Gwaii with our members. But it was only last summer that we managed to offer frozen kelp blades rather than our dried varieties. Believe it or not, these giant kelp blades are incredibly versatile, as illustrated … Continued


Beer Battered Lingcod Recipe

February 10, 2022

Ever since one of our favourite local restaurants added beer battered lingcod (from Skipper Otto!) and chips to their menu, we’ve been fully sold on lingcod as the ultimate fish and chips fish. You know we love to cook with beer, so you can imagine how excited we were to make this ourselves. If you … Continued


Soy-Ginger Chinook Salmon Poke Bowl Recipe

February 3, 2022

We love poke bowls because they’re easy, adaptable, and seafood is undeniably the star of the dish – especially in this soy-ginger chinook salmon poke bowl! Chinook salmon – also sometimes called king salmon – is a favourite of our members thanks to its moist and velvety texture and rich flavour. In this recipe we’ve … Continued


Swimming Scallops Recipe Round-Up!

January 20, 2022

Melissa and Joel fish for two species of wild BC scallops: pink and spiny, (commonly known as “swimming scallops”) and they are quite different from farmed bay scallops or sea scallops you might be used to seeing! Contrary to most scallops that must be shucked, these pink and spiny scallops can be eaten whole, just … Continued


We’re thrilled to celebrate a wonderful victory today: the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans has just announced that prawn harvesters will be allowed to continue to tub and freeze their catch at sea for the foreseeable future. As you know (or, if you don’t, check out our blog from December!), nearly one year ago the Department … Continued

Fishing Stories News

Meet Bretton Hills, your frozen oyster harvester!

January 5, 2022

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce you to your newest oyster harvester, Bretton Hills! Coming from a background in food security consulting, Bretton had always wanted to work at the forefront of the regenerative food movement. A few years ago, she decided it was time to quit her consulting job, take some business courses, and get … Continued

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The Fight for BC’s Spot Prawn Fishery Continues

December 15, 2021

Thank you for your help with putting pressure on the DFO to overturn their latest decision on spot prawn tubbing! Signing our petition is easy. You can also scroll down for any background info to get caught up! And if you aren’t familiar with what happened this year, you can watch this background video, or … Continued

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Answers to all your questions during the holidays!

December 15, 2021

We’ve put together this special holiday FAQ for you so we don’t leave you hanging while we take a much-needed holiday break! We’ll be back in the office on January 4th to answer any questions that don’t get covered here. Are you trying to place an order? We are all finished for the year and … Continued

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Our Accomplishments This Year (So Far!)

November 5, 2021

Between some brand new products, new pick-up locations, and Sonia’s work as an advocate for fair policy change, we’re incredibly proud of what we accomplished this year at Skipper Otto! Some Highlights… Back in March, we started offering Arctic char to our members, which marked a big first for Skipper Otto: supporting a fishing family … Continued

Fishing Stories News

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