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Introducing CultivatR!

February 18, 2020


Know your fisherman, and now, your delivery driver! We’re excited to introduce CultivatR to the Skipper Otto family! Our Calgary members now have the option of choosing to get their Skipper Otto orders delivered right to their door through CultivatR! CultivatR provides it’s Calgary customers with the opportunity to make ethical, economical, and nutritious choices, with … Continued


5 Recipes to Elevate Your Date Night

February 13, 2020

With Valentine’s Day coming up, use this special opportunity to show your love through food. From shrimp to scallops to salmon, take your pick from these delicious recipes and spoil your loved ones with a seafood feast! Butter and Wine Shrimp Recipe Though it sounds fancy, this recipe is really quick and easy. Along with … Continued


6 Best Chum Recipes to Try Today!

January 14, 2020

Chum salmon, also known as keta, can be very difficult to tell apart from sockeye when ocean caught. The flesh of a chum can vary from red to pink and has a smooth, delicate flavour with a bit less oil than other salmon species. Its lower fat content and milder flavour means chum is well-suited … Continued


Happy Hour Halibut

January 8, 2020

There are plenty of ways to prepare halibut –grilled, fried, baked, roasted, or poached in sauce. With a medium-texture, halibut can hold up to richer sauces and ingredients – and wine too! Halibut pairs excellently with medium-bodied whites with high aromatics and rich full-bodied whites aged in oak. Try out these three halibut recipes and … Continued


Interview With Bruce, Pilar & Rex Martinelli!

January 7, 2020

Bruce, Pilar and Rex Martinelli are back for an interview to talk lingcod and tuna fishing, favourite recipes, family life on and off board, and why they love working with Skipper Otto. If you missed their last story, Pilar writes to us about having their toddler, Rex, on board, the link to that story is … Continued


I first met Paul, the founder of Saltspring Island Mussels at his home on Salt Spring Island in December 2018 while visiting longtime members Gary and Radha who just happen to be Paul’s next door neighbours. Paul was a gracious host, inviting me into his kitchen where we talked for hours about fishing and the … Continued

Fishermen Stories

Thawing Shrimp with Roe

November 29, 2019

Skipper Otto members! We have wild shrimp available in store for you! These shrimp have a sweet, delicate flavour and a firm texture. Our shrimp and prawns are packed in sea water immediately after being caught and flash-frozen, preserving that same-day catch freshness! To thaw them, simply dump the block of ice and shrimp or … Continued

Fishermen Stories

Chinook Salmon Recipes

November 20, 2019

Chinook salmon is considered by many to be the premium of the salmon bunch. With the highest oil content and most velvety-rich, large and tender-flaked texture of all the salmon, it’s no surprise chinook salmon are also known as kings! Not only is this fish delicious, it’s also super versatile! Add some chinook to your … Continued

Fishermen Stories

10 Easy Halibut Recipes

November 13, 2019

Having premium quality seafood at home makes dinner easy! There are plenty of ways to prepare halibut –grilled, fried, baked, or poached in sauce. Other than its incredible texture and taste, it’s also super healthy (depending on how much butter you decide to cook it in…!) Here are ten creative and easy recipes with wild … Continued

Fishermen Stories

5 Great Tuna Recipes

November 5, 2019

Having premium quality seafood makes supper a cinch! Tuna is inexpensive, easy to digest, and packed with vitamins and protein. Here are 5 creative tuna recipes to liven up your meals on a busy day. Seared Albacore Tuna Recipe Take a look at this Skipper Otto Seared Albacore Tuna recipe video! Our albacore tuna is … Continued

Fishermen Stories

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