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Rick Spence | March 17, 2016 4:39 PM ET “Vicky Saunders, founder of SheEO, has been an entrepreneur and change agent for two decades . . . Along the way [she] says she has used just about every financing tool there is . . . And she’s found them all lacking . . . Where, … Continued

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A Fisherman’s Reflections on Herring

March 14, 2016

(This is a guest post by one of our fisherman, Ivan Askgaard, as he reflected on the herring seine fishery currently going on in BC.) The aluminum purse seiner in front of the red one in this photo taken last week at Steveston waits to unload a hold full of herring. At this time of … Continued

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The Life of A Fishing Family During the Herring Spawn

March 13, 2016

Every year in early March, Shaun heads out herring roe fishing with Stewart, James, and a number of other fishermen from the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf. It has always seemed like a pretty crazy, unpredictable fishery to me. The weather is usually dramatic with gales, heavy rain, hail, and then sometimes, beautiful sun. Such is … Continued

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What do I do with a live oyster?

March 9, 2016

Fresh BC oysters are not only a delicious treat, they are incredibly nutritious, have a low environmental impact, come straight out of our local waters, and are easy to prepare with a little knowledge and the right tools. Plus, when you get them directly from the oyster grower and shuck or prepare them yourself, you’ll … Continued

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Love the ugly oysters

March 9, 2016

  Not all oysters are loved by the marketplace. They are normally judged by the shape and size of their shells. But real life is messier than that. Sometimes they grow together in a small clump or their shells grow into funny shapes. But the meat inside these misshapen shells is still the same creamy, … Continued

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We’re so excited to introduce you to Delia Becker and Scott Rempel, part of a community of shellfish growers on Cortes Island, BC. We’ve spent close to a year getting to know Delia, Scott, their shellfish, and the local shellfish industry, and we are so pleased that we’ve finally found a way to offer live, … Continued

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Three B.C. women among first recipients campaign helping female entrepreneurs by Brian Morton for the Vancouver Sun

February 25, 2016

Read the full article at The Vancouver Sun. “Five Canadian female entrepreneurs, including three from British Columbia, have been named the first recipients of Radical Generosity, a grassroots campaign aimed at transforming how female entrepreneurs are funded and supported . . .The three B.C. entrepreneurs are Toni Desrosiers, Abeego Designs, Inc., which makes a natural … Continued

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SheEO Radical Generosity Award!

February 24, 2016

I am filled with gratitude at having been selected as one of the SheEO Radical Generosity fund’s Top 5 women-led ventures! I found out that I was selected for this honour back in December but had to keep it secret until the retreat and gala that happened this week in Toronto. Along with 5 other … Continued

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Three BC women among five winners of grassroots business campaign by Simon Druker for News 1130

February 23, 2016

Read the full article at News 1130. “VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Three BC business owners are among the five winners of a grassroots campaign aimed at transforming how entrepreneurs are funded and supported. Sonia Strobel’s Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery is among the winners. “It makes it a reality. So we’ve been working for years on … Continued

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Female funding initiative doles out cash to entrepreneurs by Clare O’Hara for the Globe and Mail

February 22, 2016

Read the full article at The Globe and Mail. “A new funding initiative for female entrepreneurs provided five startup companies a chance to battle it out in the boardroom with $500,000 on the table. The result wasn’t what you see on Dragon’s Den – but rather a collaborative process that saw each company walk away … Continued

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