2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Allison Hepworth - December 2, 2022

As you start planning for entertaining friends and family leading up to the holidays, why not share some amazing wild sustainable seafood with them – like a beautiful side of sockeye salmon for the table, or a gorgeous ring of spot prawns as an appetizer?

Looking for unique stocking stuffers? Any of our canned salmon or tuna would do the trick, or any of our Skipper Otto swag like t-shirts, aprons or toques. 

We want to help you plan ahead and enjoy a fancy feast this holiday season -arguably the best time of year to enjoy a succulent prawn cocktail!

Salmon & Spot Prawns

If our prawn wreath isn’t enough to inspire you, check out this recipe from the Times Columnist: prawn cocktail with a trio of sauces. A major upgrade from the shrimp cocktail bought and served on a black plastic ring — you know the one!

Looking to add a show-stopper to your holiday meal – why not present a beautiful side of sockeye salmon to present to guests at the table? This delicious Wild Salmon Bake with Sauce Vierge from Chef Ned Bell is sure to please! 

Login into the Dock and order some delicious seafood today! You can thank our fishing families later 🙂 

Tuna and Salmon Cans

What is small, delicious and fits easily in a holiday stocking… glad you asked!

It’s been a long held tradition by our staff and members to pop in cans of delicious salmon or tuna into the stockings of loved ones over the holidays – and now is your chance to start your own tradition!

We happily offer the ability to ship cases of 12 to 24 cans through the postal service directly to your home address for all members!

To receive these shipments before December 25th, please ensure we hear from you before the December 13th deadline! Log into the Dock now!

Gift Certificates

Need to find that perfect gift for the person that has everything?

Give the gift of a Skipper Otto Gift membership, or share top-ups for existing members. Gift certificates are available for purchase on our main website (no need to log in!) Simply choose the amount you want to give and forward the gift certificate to the recipient by email or print it out for them. Remember that we are available in cities and towns across Canada

Check that seafood lover off your list today!

Allison Hepworth - December 2, 2022

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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Allison Hepworth - December 2, 2022

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