Thankful. Humbled. Thrilled. 

What more can we really say that would properly capture how amazing it was to celebrate with so many of you at our 10-Year Anniversary Gala?! Here are a few of the highlights for those who couldn’t join us and a few memories for those of you that were there! 

The theme of the night was to highlight the Skipper Otto model, by giving everyone the opportunity to meet our fishing families who caught the delicious sustainable Canadian seafood they were eating, learn about where it came from, and to meet the amazing and talented chefs that prepared our inspired menu. 

Here are a few highlights from the evening:

Looking out at the audience, I was humbled to see the faces of so many wonderful people in our community who have helped fulfil our vision. Here are just a few who were there in person who we want to thank again for making Skipper Otto the success it is:

  • 8-10-year members who were at the gala including, Hannah Wittman, Heather Jenkins, Tanya McCarthy, Marianne Thee, Duncan Webb, Sheona McDonald, and Jon Walker
  • Otto Strobel (founding fisherman)
  • Blake Kohn (fisherman)
  • Sonia’s dad, Gordon Tilley
  • Chef Ned Bell
  • Chef Stuart Boyles
  • Culinary Capers
  • Rob Hunt at Choices Market who has made our Community Partner Program work all across Metro Vancouver
  • The Hon. George Heyman, who has been a member since 2010 and is the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy as well as the MLA for Vancouver-Fairview
  • Sam Sullivan, who has been a member since 2016 and is the MLA for Vancouver-False Creek

The entire evening was an incredible success – the food, the friends, the family (all of you included!) made it a true celebration. Some of our special guests for the evening included 8-, 9-, and 10-year members, who received special edition 10-year pins. If you’ve been a member for at least 8 years and were unable to join us to get your pin in person, don’t worry! Your pin will be sent to you soon. 

Join Skipper Otto in creating a sustainable future for fishing families and the seafood industry and enjoy some of the best seafood you’ll ever taste!


Sonia - May 2, 2019

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10 Years & Growing Strong

Sonia - May 2, 2019

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