You should join the best co-op in Vancouver By Bob Kronbauer, Vancouver Is Awesome

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“One year ago today I put $300 into a seafood co-op called Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery, after a recommendation by my friend Chad Brealey (host of the food show Salt, Fresh & Field). The idea is a bit like going in on a cow with friends and filling your freezers, only it’s seafood and you don’t have to take a ton of food home all at once; you pick it up each week as it comes in fresh, and as you want it.

For the most part, commercial fishing in B.C. is ruled by large corporations. Over the years they’ve managed to buy up most of the licenses and quotas, conglomerating into huge operations that benefit shareholders. However there are still a number of smaller, family run fishing boats who manage to stay in business independently, and members of Skipper Otto’s help these folks stay afloat by pre-purchasing a share of their catch.”

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