Barry invites us in for a fish fry

At the end of the first Nass sockeye salmon gillnet opening this week, Barry Marcotte invited our friend and fellow-fisherman, Chelsey Ellis down to the boat in Prince Rupert for a good old fish fry. Chelsey very kindly took photos and shared Barry’s recipe with us. Here is what she had to say!

“I had the pleasure of being invited down to the Sun Mariner for a fish fry with Barry and his deckhand Terrance last night. I grabbed a few shots of Barry filleting a beautiful Nass river sockeye and frying it up for us for dinner. It was possibly the best sockeye I’ve ever eaten!”
 “I asked him for his recipe and he replied that he never measured anything but just puts a bit of white sugar, salt, garlic powder, pepper and flour into a bag and shakes the sockeye strips around in it. He fries it up in his cast iron pan for 3 minutes on one side and only two minutes on the other side. The white sugar is trick that helps to caramelize and brown the sockeye without over cooking it.”
A humble dinner aboard a salmon gillnetter at the end of the first opening of the year! What a treat! Thanks, Chelsey, for sharing your experience with all of us!
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