Meet Our Team

Shaun Strobel

Product Director

Shaun is Skipper Otto’s son, who began fishing with his father when he was just 7 years old. In addition to fishing, Shaun selects and maintains solid relationships with other fishermen and navigates the complex logistics of getting fish from the hands of our fishermen to the hands of our members. Dismayed at the dwindling salmon fishing fleet in the wake of the big business Seine fleet and fish farms, Shaun wrote an M.A. thesis at SFU on the labour history of fishing in BC. Shaun was a high school Social Studies teacher for many years, taught SCUBA diving, and is a technical diver.

Sonia Strobel

Managing Director

Sonia married into the Strobel family in 2001 and quickly became involved in helping connect Otto’s sustainably harvested seafood with friends and family in Vancouver. She worked in a variety of community-based organizations, non-profits, and as a high school teacher for many years, striving for social and environmental justice. Sonia has been a member of Community Supported Agriculture programs since the early 90’s and brought her knowledge of CSA’s to the family fishery, first conceiving of the idea for the CSF in 2008.

Chris Kantowicz

Director of Operations

Chris has spent his career growing businesses that support environmental, social and cultural missions. He first worked with Skipper Otto’s in 2014 as their business coach at the Sauder School of Business’ Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing. Chris has a MBA from the Sauder School of Business at UBC and genuinely enjoys all his strategic business planning and financial management responsibilities.

Lizzy DuGuay

Member Services Manager

 Lizzy comes to us from a career in Human Resources at UBC bringing her exceptional interpersonal, problem solving, logistics, and coordination skill set. Her degree in Human Geography helped develop her interests in the intersections between social and environmental justice and community. Lizzy genuinely loves getting to know people, supporting them, and working to make meaningful connections with them! Her values, skills, and interests make her a great fit for the Skipper Otto’s team!

Ali Witter

Distribution Team

Ali has been a friend of the CSF and on our volunteer advisory board since she wrote her master’s thesis on the rise of Community Supported Fisheries in 2012. She is now in a PhD program at the UBC Fisheries centre and working on our Distribution Team.

Chris Ketcheson

Distribution Team

Chris studied marine biology at UBC and graduated in 2014. He first discovered Skipper Otto’s in a course on ocean conservation, and presented on the CSF model as a fisheries success story. He hopes to go to grad school and study conservation, fisheries, or perhaps even CSFs. “I’m very happy to be working with such a great company whose values reflect many of my own!”

Jeff Scott

Distribution Team

Jeff is a Master’s student in the Fisheries Science program at UBC. He spent 6 years working as a Fisheries Observer around the US and is excited to be working on the Distribution team at Skipper Otto’s.

Sahir Advani

Distribution Team

Sahir is a doctoral student at the UBC Fisheries Centre. He hails from India where he has done research with indigenous fishing communities in the Andaman Islands. You’ll find him working proudly on the Distribution team at Skipper Otto’s.

Steve Penfold

Distribution Team

Steve has worked as a fisherman and charter boat captain for many years. After his recent move to Vancouver from the Island, Steve began looking to connect with the local fishing community. He’s delighted to have found the Skipper Otto’s community and to be working on our distribution team.

Maery Kaplan-Hallam

Distribution Team

Maery is a graduate student at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability where she researches resilience and adaptation in coastal communities. In addition to her expertise in sustainable fisheries, Maery is also a real people person — she’s always happy to chat about people, fish and community so feel encouraged to say ‘hi’ when you see her on the wharf!

Lisa Dekleer

Distribution Team

Lisa brings a diverse background in environmental and social justice from business, non-profit, and political sectors to Skipper Otto’s.  She studied Natural Resources Conservation at UBC and intends to do graduate study in environmental policy.  Lisa is excited to be working on the Distribution Team to connect consumers with their fishermen and build a sustainable, local seafood community.

Ravi Maharaj

Distribution Team

Ravi is a doctoral student at the UBC Fisheries Centre where he researchers the effect of climate change on Caribbean coral reef fisheries. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Ravi is enthusiastic about working on the Skipper Otto’s distribution team, learning more about our community-based fisheries, and enjoying the local seafood that this season is set to bring.

Michael Collier

Distribution Team

A long time family friend of the Strobels, Michael has fished with Otto and helped out with boat repairs and maintenance many times over the years. Michael spent the last 5 years teaching high school in Shanghai, and has just returned to Vancouver where he is happy to join the Skipper Otto’s distribution team.

Oliver Strobel

Deck Hand

Oliver is the oldest son of Sonia and Shaun, Skipper Otto’s first grandson, and a 3rd generation fisherman. Dreaming of a better world for her son, his mother, Sonia, first conceived of the idea for the CSF right after Oliver was born in May, 2008. Oliver has been going out on fish boats since he was 3 months old and started deck handing when he was just 5 years old. He loves swimming, fishing, and “working” at fish pick-ups. Oliver hopes to be a fisherman when he grows up.

Lyndon Strobel

Deck Hand

Lyndon is the second son of Sonia and Shaun and was was born in July, 2011, right at the height of the 2011 CSF season! Lyndon’s first fishing trip was when he was just a few weeks old, and, like his older brother, he has been raised with the sounds and smells of fishing ever since. Lyndon loves to tell people that “we are a fishing family” and feels as much at home on the boat as he does in his own house. Perhaps he, too, will carry on the family fishing tradition!