5 Salmon Runs That Were Awesome This Year, by Vancouver is Awesome

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“The media loves a bad news story. All summer and fall, you probably saw headlines like “‘Grim’ Fraser River salmon runs even worse than forecast” and “Low B.C. salmon stocks prompt consumer warning.” With headlines like this, it’s easy to start to wonder if we should even be eating BC salmon. There’s no doubt that there are some serious conservation issues to be addressed here and attention needs to be paid to the causes of the decline of salmon in some areas. But the reality is that BC has a large coast and many salmon runs are doing better than they have in years. If you buy your salmon from a Community Supported Fishery like Skipper Otto’s, you will know your fisherman, know the exact run, gear method, and month your fish was caught – assurance that the salmon you are eating comes from bountiful, stable runs and that the fishermen who caught your fish were paid a fair-trade price.”

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