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Learn about the fishermen who’ll be catching your seafood.

Standing Up for Our Fishers: An Unsatisfying Conclusion

September 8, 2023

Back in early June, we shared a story about our halibut fisher, Doug Kostering and DFO’s seizure of his catch. It’s been a long bumpy road this summer with an unsatisfying conclusion so we feel it is the right time for an update.  As a recap, our longtime halibut fisher, Doug Kostering, was accused by … Continued

bc fishing industry fishing fishing license license sustainable fishing sustainable seafood west coast fishing

Fresh Vrs Frozen Debate – Why Frozen Wins Everytime!

January 11, 2024

(Photo credit: Bruce Martinelli. Flash frozen albacore tuna) We often get asked, ” is fresh seafood better than frozen?”, and our resounding answer is – no, that is a myth! Many people believe that “fresh” seafood that is “never frozen” directly reflects the level of quality. However, the moment seafood is caught or harvested, it … Continued

broken seafood system fish fishing flash frozen fresh vs frozen frozen is better frozen seafood industrial seafood
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