What size share should I buy?

Not Sure What Size Share You Need?

We encourage you to try to right size your share at the beginning of the year so that we can predict how much fish to catch. This allows us to pay our fishermen the upfront money they need for the season.

We know getting that number right can be tough, especially in your first year, so we’ve created a calculator to help you choose your share size.

Keep in mind that share sizes over $400 can be paid in instalments when you sign up early in the year. You can also start with a smaller share and increase it if you realize you don’t have enough credit.

Try out our Share Size Calculator with your ideal seafood diet in mind.

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How often would you likely eat the following items throughout the year:

Your family will likely eat $0 of  seafood/ month.
We recommend you purchase an annual share of around $0. (Round to the nearest $100)
$900 will feed a couple of adults.
$700 will feed a couple of adults. That’s an average of about $13/week.
Are you a family? Your share size should be around $1,200.
Are you a family of four? Your seafood budget should be around $23/week for a share size of $1,200.