Our Products

Tuna Tataki, what you can do with our products.

Our seafood products consist of a variety of fresh, frozen, sushi-grade, whole and processed products. All frozen, smoked, and canned products are available at ALL pick-up locations, but fresh and live seafood is only available at the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf in Vancouver.

  • Whole fresh and sushi-grade salmon (sockeye, spring, chum, and pink)
  • Sushi-grade salmon fillets (sockeye, spring, chum, and pink)
  • Smoked, pepper smoked, candied, and maple candied salmon
  • Sockeye salmon lox
  • Canned salmon (bone-in, skin on as well as boneless skinless smoked)
  • Canned tuna (regular and smoked)
  • Sushi-grade albacore tuna loins
  • Halibut fillets
  • Lingcod fillets
  • Spot prawns and side striped shrimp (live in the spring, frozen year round)
  • Live dungeness crabs*
  • Live pacific oysters*

All Skipper Otto’s products are fair trade and Ocean Wise, your assurance of a human-friendly and ocean-friendly seafood choice!

Want to know more about our seafood? Check out our blog posts on Salmon ID, a blind side-by-side taste test of the 5 types of salmon, our seafood handling page or our recipe page for suggestions for how to best enjoy your seafood.

*Not available as frozen. Only available live at the False Creek Fishermen’s Wharf in season.