What are the benefits of a CSF?

Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery (CSF) is a triple bottom-line business which means the benefits are in many different areas:

Environmental benefits:

  • CSF programs began as a method to help marine ecosystems recover from the effects of overfishing while supporting fishing communities

  • Fishers are able to alter their target species based on what is abundant, not what is in high demand by the larger supply chain.

  • Exploited species are given a break

  • Provides a framework through which fishers and consumers can creatively steward marine resources

  • Because we cut out the middleman we can afford to pay fishers a higher price per lb so they don’t need to resort to higher-impact, less sustainable fishing practices to stay in business

Economic benefits:

  • Ensures independent, small-scale, low-impact fishing families receive a fair price for their catch and are able to remain in an industry dominated by big business and aquaculture

  • Ensures that members pay a fair, stable price for their seafood and understand exactly where their dollars are going

Social benefits:

  • Engages fishers and community members in a more robust local food system

  • Establishes a transparent chain-of-custody from boat to fork

  • Increases access to premium, local, sustainably harvested seafood.

  • Educates consumers about local fisheries practices and concerns directly from the fishers while fishers gain knowledge about what their consumers value.