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Your Skipper Otto’s membership dollars made it possible for Doug Kostering to get out fishing for halibut this month! Read on for the incredible story of how difficult independent halibut fishing is and how the CSF model is making big change for one ‘Namgis nation fisherman. As you may know, the halibut season opened in … Continued


Nutrition Showdown: Farmed vs Wild Salmon

June 21, 2017

Holistic nutritionist, and Skipper Otto’s member, Melissa Evanson will be contributing some nutrition-focused blog posts over the next few months, starting with her take on the nutritional value of farmed vs. wild salmon. Have questions about seafood and nutrition? Melissa will be at the Fisherman’s Wharf pick up on Thu July 6 to answer all … Continued


The Grounds for Seafood Pricing

June 14, 2017

You may have noticed that prices of seafood are on the rise everywhere. If you’ve ever wondered why this is happening and how prices are set, we’ve got the inside scoop below.   It takes a lot to unravel seafood prices. Our family has been fishing for almost 50 years and we’re still learning about how … Continued


Barry invites us in for a fish fry

June 9, 2017

At the end of the first Nass sockeye salmon gillnet opening this week, Barry Marcotte invited our friend and fellow-fisherman, Chelsey Ellis down to the boat in Prince Rupert for a good old fish fry. Chelsey very kindly took photos and shared Barry’s recipe with us. Here is what she had to say! “I had … Continued


Growing Up Fishing Part 2

May 4, 2017

In a previous entry I described my childhood trips up the BC coast to the once numerous commercial fishing camps of the mid-coast inlets. For this post, I want to describe what it was actually like to fish an opening as a kid in the summer of 1977. On Saturdays the fishermen would usually help … Continued


Every year in spring, we put together our best predictions for the fishing season, what we expect to be catching and when we expect to have it available to our members. By this time of year, we have heard the Department of Fisheries and Oceans’ predictions, read scientific reports, listened to traditional wisdom, and spoken … Continued

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Simple Seafood Supper Recipes: Salmon Shoyu Poke

April 4, 2017

Seafood-based suppers are some of of the simplest, most nutritious meals you can make! But many people don’t eat as much fish as they should because they aren’t sure how to prepare it. If you’re looking for easy recipes to help you include more seafood in your diet in simple, healthy ways, look no further!  We’re … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Eating Fish Really IS Good For Your Brain

March 30, 2017

Many of our members say they’ve noticed they eat more seafood since becoming Skipper Otto’s members and we applaud you for making healthy choices for you and the friends and family you feed. It’s not just an old wives tale — eating fish at least once a week actually does thicken your brain and decrease … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Growing Up Fishing, part 1

February 3, 2017

This is the first in a series of blog posts by Skipper Otto’s co-founder, Shaun Strobel, about his experience growing up fishing on the BC coast with his dad, Otto. Stay tuned for further instalments in the series! The 2017 fishing season will mark forty years since the first summer I spent gillnetting for salmon with … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Thawing Shrimp with Roe

January 13, 2017

Our shrimp and prawns are packed in sea water immediately after being caught and flash-frozen, preserving that same-day catch freshness! To thaw them, simply dump the block of ice and shrimp or prawns into a colander in your sink and run under cold water until the ice block breaks apart. Your shrimp are then sushi-grade … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

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