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You may have seen recent articles in the news about closures to chinook salmon fishing to protect the diet of the endangered resident orca pods J, K, and L in the Salish Sea. And it may have you wondering if it’s ok to eat chinook salmon this year? Read on below for more about the … Continued

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Tantrums on the Tantrum 

May 11, 2018

Pilar Martinelli, one of our lingcod fishing families, sends this report from their ongoing lingcod fishing trip this month. We left the dock this year, with not only a washer and dryer on board, but a baby! Our son, Rex Orson Martinelli, joined the crew of the Tantrum as the world’s youngest lingcod fisherman at … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Fish vs Fish Oil: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

April 11, 2018

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Skipper Otto’s member, Melissa Evanson continues her series of nutrition-focused blog posts tackling the issue of the nutritional value of fish vs fish oil. Like many trends in nutrition, fish oil is still enjoying its time in the limelight. This is because the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil have been linked to … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Seasonality Guide

April 5, 2018

Wondering what’s in season when? This simple guide shows you when our fishing families expect to be harvesting each species of seafood. But keep in mind that fishing is inherently uncertain! The weather, abundance, specific fishing openings, access to fish cutting and freezing services, and many other factors will determine exactly when each species will … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

Introducing Scallops!

December 11, 2017

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to Melissa and Joel Collier, our new Skipper Otto’s fishing family, and their wild, Ocean Wise BC scallops!   Did you know wild BC scallops even EXISTED? Wild BC scallops are abundant, sustainable, and Ocean Wise recommended! Did you know there was a wild fishery for them? Most … Continued

Blog Fishing Updates

2017 has been a fantastic season for all of us at Skipper Otto’s. Your membership dollars had a huge impact on us and all our fishing families and I wanted to share some of the highlights of the season with you! Membership Exploded! When we launched Skipper Otto’s in 2008 for the 2009 fishing season, … Continued


Tuna Tales: Why you don’t need to worry about mercury in B.C. albacore tuna

August 28, 2017

Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Skipper Otto’s member, Melissa Evanson, continues our nutrition blog series with this post on albacore tuna. Have seafood related nutrition questions? Feel free to comment on this post or email us and Melissa will answer them here and on our Facebook page. Find Melissa’s previous posts here on our blog. The health … Continued


Why We Love Chum (Keta) Salmon

August 17, 2017

Holistic nutritionist, and Skipper Otto’s member, Melissa Evanson continues her series of nutrition-focused blog posts with a look at our wonderful chum salmon. Have questions about seafood and nutrition? Email us at [email protected] with your questions and Melissa will answer them on our Facebook page. Chum salmon, also called keta, dog or silverbrite, tends to be the least known … Continued


Side-by-side Taste Test BBQ, 2017

August 14, 2017

It’s become an annual tradition that we invite the Skipper Otto’s team over to our home for a summer BBQ to taste our delicious seafood, compare, discuss, and choose our favourites. The catch is, they don’t know what they’re eating until the end! This is always a fun night and very enlightening as we realize … Continued


Tips for BBQing a whole salmon

August 1, 2017

The BC Day long weekend is just a few days away. You’re having 10 people over for a BBQ. What’s a quick, easy, and impressive main dish? A whole fresh salmon on the BBQ, of course!   I’m no chef, but I’ve BBQd a lot of fish! Here are my top tips for BBQing a … Continued


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