Frequently Asked Questions about Skipper Otto's Community Supported Fishery

Deciding what size share suits your needs can be tricky! It depends on a variety of factors including how many people are in your household, how big their appetites are, what types of seafood you will eat, and how often you will eat them.

You can fill out the share size calculator below to help give you a rough idea of how much seafood your family will likely eat in a year if you purchase all your seafood from us. Round the number to the nearest $100 to get the share size you should probably purchase.

We encourage you, wherever possible, to right-size your share at the beginning of the year as your share size is how we predict how much fish to catch in the fishing season and affords our fishermen the upfront money they need. However, we know getting that number right can be tough, especially in your first year! Keep in mind that you can also start with a small share and, when available, you can increase you share if you realize you don’t have enough credit.

Generally as members return year after year, it gets easier to select the right share size at the start of the season.

Try our Share Calculator

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Prices can change from season to season based on the unique realities of each fishery. This calculator is intended to give you a rough idea of how much you might want to spend on a share given your lifestyle and may not represent your actual spend by the end of the season.

This calculator is based on 2016 Vancouver prices which don't include shipping to out-of-town locations.


How often would you likely eat the following items throughout the year:

Your family will likely eat $0 of  seafood/ month.
We recommend you purchase an annual share of around $0. (Round to the nearest $100)

Yes! We know it can be difficult to know how much seafood you’ll eat in a year, especially if this is your first time in a CSF! And we also understand that not everyone can commit to their full share amount up front. This is why we allow members to increase their share size by $100 increments if they run out of credit before the end of the year.

Having said that, we’re asking those who can right-size their shares to do so as soon as they join: we use member money to pay fishermen up front and to work with our fishermen to plan for how much fish we will need. Our model just wouldn’t work if everyone simply added credit each month, but we like being able to offer flexibility to those who need it. And keep in mind that, due to the way the fishing season is unfolding, we may need to shut off the purchasing of additional credit once the fishing season is underway.

We are happy for you to use the flexibility to top up your share later if you need it, but hope that, whenever possible, you will anticipate how much seafood you would like this year and purchase it ahead of time.

The CSF creates a unique relationship between consumers and fishing families. When you purchase your share up front, you are telling your fishermen how much fish you’d like them to catch for you this year. We are not a traditional retailer and so we don’t catch and store a lot of extra inventory. Instead, we use your upfront dollars to plan for the fishing season and cover up front costs. We’re so grateful for members who are willing to plan ahead with us in this way!

If you have a small amount of credit (up to $50)  leftover at the end of the season, and you join again for the next season, your remaining credit will roll over to the next year. If you don’t plan on returning for the next season, you have until December 31st to use up your year’s credit. Uncollected shares are donated to charity.

When you purchase your share up front, you are telling your fishermen how much fish you’d like them to catch for you this year. Once the fishing season begins, that money is spent and your fish has been caught and put in our cold storage. Therefore, we are unable to provide refunds of any kind. If you have a major life change such as moving cities to where we don’t offer CSF pick-ups or are no longer eating seafood, you are welcome to donate your share to family or friends. We are also happy to donate your share to one of our many partner community charity organizations so that low-income families, refugees, and at-risk and aboriginal youth can enjoy your unused CSF share.