Seasonality Guide

Wondering what's in season when? This simple guide shows you when our fishing families expect to be harvesting each species of seafood. But keep in mind that fishing is inherently uncertain! The weather, abundance, specific fishing openings, access to fish cutting and freezing services, and many other factors will determine exactly when each species will [...] Continue reading »

CSFs reconnect consumers and fishing families… by Sarah Hughes,

Read the full story at “IF THERE’S ONE THING I feel most conflicted about eating, it’s seafood. My biggest guilty pleasure is built on one of the most unsustainable food industries on our blue planet. Scummy fish farms, excessive by-catch, destructive bottom trawls, inhumane shrimp—the list goes on and on. Luckily, for people like me,

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Top 15 Sustainable Initiatives in British Columbia, L’Autre Couleur by Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Read the full story at L’Autre Couleur. “British Columbia is home to so many sustainable companies, organizations, influencers and movements. It was quite difficult to choose our Top 15 Sustainable Initiatives in British Columbia! After reviewing various mission statements, strategies and developments, we are happy to feature these amazing sustainable initiatives that are improving, protecting and

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